It is about our internal security

On the blast in an Israeli Embassy car

A blast in an Israeli Embassy car in Delhi left four injured, including a woman employee of the Embassy. Indian External Affairs minister, Mr SM Krishna issued a statement which became a butt of jokes on social media. What else do you expect from a statement which includes such well-worn cliches:

India very strongly condemns such incidents and it is going to be fully investigated and the culprits will be brought to justice at the earliest.[MEA]

Israeli Prime Minister was quick to blame the attack on Iran and its proxy Hezbollah. Iranian Ambassador to India has denied the charge. Delhi Police, basing its preliminary finding on an eye-witness account, suggests that a sticky bomb was used by motorcyclists on the car. With a cocktail of Middle-east politics, terror and shrill television coverage, conspiracy theorists are having a field day.

If we cut through the haze of speculation, there are only two established facts so far. One, there was an explosion in a car carrying an Israeli embassy employee in New Delhi. Two, Israeli Prime Minister has blamed it on Hezbollah and Iran. Anything else beyond this has not been fully established yet.

While India’s foreign ministry handles the diplomatic challenge, it is incumbent upon the Home Ministry to look at this very closely and draw the right lessons. The incident happened in a high-security area, barely 500 metres away from the Prime Minister’s residence. The motorcyclists, if that eye-witness account is true, were able to get away easily. No footage or picture of them has been released so far. It is doubtful if the National Counter-Terrorism Centre which is being inaugurated on March 01st would have helped had it been in place today.

Moreover, such an attack would not have been possible without some assets on ground. It could not have been attempted by people flown in from another country for a day and flown out the next day, after the attack. Reconnaissance over many weeks would have been needed to establish the pattern of the employee who went to pick her child from school. The route and the timing would have thus been established beyond doubt. Rehearsals and dry-runs would also have been carried out by the terrorists.

This points to a need for logistic and related support from some local elements, who could have either been hired or provided by some other terror groups. Unearthing that support base should be the foremost priority of our security agencies. But if such an attack was carried out without any local support, it should be even more worrying for our security agencies. Because it would mean that foreign agents can come in with explosives, operate in a high-security VIP area in Delhi with impunity and escape unscathed. That scenario is far more scarier than some local criminals being used to execute the terror strike.

Forget Iran, Hezbollah, Israel and diplomacy, the fact that Delhi was selected by someone to mount a strike on an Israeli diplomat should bother us the most. It is a shameful reflection of our internal security vulnerabilities and reputation. Fixing these weaknesses, which is a continuous process of a cat-and-mouse game, should be our top-most priority today. The rest can wait for the moment.


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9 Responses to It is about our internal security

  1. joshua February 13, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    well if it was that easy they could hv executed it at republic day.. 500 m from pm’s house.. this looks like another sad tale of garnering votes .. the car blew up in front a journalist is even more puzzling !

    vote congress .. we let terrorist target Israelis yay!!!!!

  2. Carlos de Souza February 14, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    Hey Joshua,
    Are you aware of the number of terror attacks that took place all over India when the NDA was in power between 1998-2004 ??? If you were aware, you wouldn’t stupidly try to blame the Congress.
    The fact is that Indian security is a joke. Like the Americans would say…it sucks :-( Unfortunately, nothing substantial is being done to improve this dismal state of affairs.

  3. Vivek February 14, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    Hey Carlos- The problem is Law Minister and Diggi shamelessly siding with terrorists of Batla House, Sonia shed tears and all. Afzal Guru being kept alive and Kasab fed biryani. Imagine if 26/11 like incident had happened in Israel they wud have nuked Pakistan straight away. We did nothing send dossiers and protested. If they r using covert tactics why cant we? why do we indulge in appeasement politics. When Dr Kalam is replaced by a dumb lady Muslims r not affected but killing of terrorists impacts Muslims? Thts hypocrisy

  4. captainjohann February 14, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    As usual a very balanced take on the incident and suggestions for investigators.The bomb planted ( a type of magnetic one) is used only in the Europe terrorist activity. I think very few terrorist organisations produce it or may be produced by only some governments.That the bomb planted at the fuel tank did not blast the tank shows the Israelis have developed some technology which doesnot trigger blasts in the fule tanks. I think Indians must involve DRDO to study the manufacture of this technology and materials used.The tactic used seem to be similar to the one used by the terrorists who attacked Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan.The tapes of previous days and months must be studied including those in neighbourhood of loaded individuals.
    As you very correctly said the people have selected India and Georgia for their acts agAINST iSRAEL SHOWS HOW MUCH THEY REGARD OUR LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM IN iNDIAN HOMELAND SECURITY.

  5. Bhadra February 14, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

    Since they fail in attacking our borders, they successfully attack our internal vitals. That is the result of pseudo intellectualism favouring Jehadies being followed by the likes of you.

  6. Carlos de Souza February 15, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    Hey Vivek,
    Its obvious you are politically biased against the Congress. Sooo,lets leave aside political talk.
    On the matter of nuking Pakistan, I suppose you are not aware that Pakistan has nukes as well ??? Would you like maybe 70/80% of India to be completely annihilated to kill off 100% of Pakistan ???
    Any talk of emulating Israel w/o possessing either their intelligence or military ability is useless. Besides, our enemy Pakistan is not Syria or Iraq or Iran or Saudi.

  7. Mike February 23, 2012 at 10:03 am #

    Hey, you missed out on this gem, showcasing the investigative capabilities of the Delhi police. No wonder the bomb plotters caught by our police, are the ones who have confessed.

    But seriously, with research skills like this, we might be better off, establishing private armies and protection.

    - Mike.

  8. Mike February 23, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    Sure, Israel is the rough tough state (sic); India should emulate Israel, with regard to its stance against Pakistan, only then can we find true peace and maybe nirvana too. This refrain is if anything, another example of lazy thinking. Obviously the charge of lazy thinking and oversimplification is something that both the critic and the criticised can be guilty off, but let us look at the broad characteristics of those advocating the Israeli school of thought. The primary public perception with regard to Israel is the spectacular success that they achieved in special forces operations and to a lesser extent the victories they achieved on the formal battlefield, namely: Entebbe, Osirak, capture of Nazi war criminals, reprisal attacks against Munich massacre, targeted assassinations against scientists and high value terrorist targets to name a few. All this and its devil may care attitude with regard to acquiring and maintaining a clandestine nuclear project, arms supply, economic success in a volatile environment, and a public policy which actively and unapologetically projects a picture of Israel for Israelis, with elements of land-grab, and bullying of neighbours, works to set up Israel as a nation which is as mentioned above a rough and tough state.
    These successes are then compared with the string of incidents which purportedly brand India as a soft state, including but not limited to, the exchange of terrorists for the JK minister in the 80-90s, the Kandahar plane hijackings, the failure to punish Afzal Guru-Kasab, and lack of demonstrable success with preventing further attacks on Indian soil.

    However the commentators would do well to note instances when Israel gave into the demands of terrorists and inimical organisations, inspite of and especially because of the failure of its vaunted defence-offence organisations. Note that Israel has till date exchanged 7000 Palestinian prisoners for securing the release of 19 Israeli’s. That is a ratio of 368 possible suspects and convicted terrorists for the release of each Israeli soldier-civilian-hostage. Further the commentators frequently overlook the continued failure of the Jewish state to placate its borders, make peace with its neighbours and stop terrorist activities targeted against its population and interests both domestically and internationally.

    So let me go through this again, how India fares against the Israeli record. Post-independence from the British, we have faced four major secessionist programmes, and defeated 2 comprehensively. The Maoists and the Kashmir campaigns are on-going as of now, and are being actively engaged. As of now, we have only one hostile neighbour and have to a debatable degree of success co-opted the other nations within the Indian sub-continent to adopt a pro-India stance and maintained and established excellent relations with the super-powers. That is we were never a full blown pariah state, la Israel or Taiwan.

    Ohh sure, we could have done so much more, be more pro-active internationally, exploit the fault lines in Pakistan more efficiently etcetera, etcetera. But if you look at the rate of success, India is doing much better than Israel, in managing its neighbourhood. As somebody once noted, war and war mongering is an ironic game. The only winning move—is not to play. The ultimate goal for India, and the ultimate responsibility of the GOI is to establish and maintain peace. Might then a case be made for Israel to adopt the Indian approach.


  9. ??? November 17, 2012 at 5:46 am #

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