Another Republic day

Something to ponder over as India celebrates another Republic day.  

The Republic was not established by cowards;
and cowards will not preserve it …
This will remain the land of the free
only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis 

What this nation needs from its citizens is bravery and courage — both moral and physical, in thought and in deed…


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2 Responses to Another Republic day

  1. Inderjit Kashyap January 27, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    1. In yesterday’s blog “Karachi to Krishna” I had commented that the issue can be summarised as ” Criminalisation of Politics or Politicisation of Criminals”the same can be applied to today’s subject too.
    2. The last 3-4 decades or so have seen political parties taking help from criminals/goondas/goons, or for that matter, anyone else who can forcibly influence the voters, the majority of whom are in rural India. During this period the urban voter generally stayed away from the ballot box & the majority here, the lower middle class, too were victims of influence of the muscle men, who gained in their importance to the extent of becoming a “Powerful Power Centre” in the Indian polity. Today, every political party,
    unashamedly, has this category, in its ranks, which include quite a few who have been in jails & keep contesting elections from there itself.
    3. Not only the above, the Raj & Lok Sabhas as also all State Assemblies
    have resisted with all their might, to stall any move to have a bill passed, which would bar those convicted by any court, to contest. Use of black money, which is so easily organised by the criminals, has not only taken deep roots in the industry, but also guides the destiny(victory) of many a politican. Till date, no politican of any party has been convicted of possessing wealth dispropotionate to his/her known source of income, whereas the whole world knows how much illegal wealth many a politican has ammassed. Back scratching is the prided art of most politicans & they save each other, despite the pretentions of Inquiries & Commissions.
    4. The political power centre has been weakening over the yrs to the extent that the only 2 major parties, Congress & BJP, have been reduced to “a partner” in a Coalition Govt, which will be the norm of the future & the say of these 2 parties will become weaker & weaker, as these parties themselves are proponents of using criminals for votes & hence cannot claim a higher pedestal, which earlier they could claim.
    5. More & more importance to regional parties is leading to a stage where, being an Indian, is becoming the last Priority & regionalism is taking over. The Central Govt has to per force, in a coalition, give in to the whims & fancies of these regional forces/parties, whose only concern is to promote the regional identity, even though it may cost their State heavily.
    The events of the past few yrs of growing voilence as a means to protect the locals, including moral policing, is an indicator of the times to come.
    6. India, being a democracy, has many pluses, & this is where the hope lies. The recent elections of 6 States has shown a trend which wasn’t visible earlier & this is for a positive change in governance as also accountability, both of which had been on a steep decline in the past 2-3 decades.Voters are becoming more decerning, the visibility may be less but is positively there. The second point of strength comes from different States having different languages & cultures & traditions & these provide for an inherent strength, which when combined with the economic progress that India has made, make it a force to reckon with. The world is now treating India very very differently, infact looks upto it for many a solution, the Nuclear Deal & PM addressing the G-20 leaders on the economic recession, Chandrayan 1, are some examples.
    7. The economic growth has empowered our younger generation accross the length & breadth of the country & it is prepared to make changes which will benefit the nation & not only a region. The communications have empowered the industry which has become potent enough to take over its counterparts in other parts of the world apart from competing at equal terms. Yes, there is plenty more to be done but India is definitely on the move industrially. The Indian Armed Forces being apolitical is another plus point & they are being acknowledged a a force in their own right by countries accross the globe. The proficiency factor can improve further & feel that it will hence this organ of the nation will provide the necessary support.
    8. The weaknesses & stregths in our nation make it a contrast which is intruiging as well hopeful. I, for one believe that the weaknesses will be tackled by the strengths & over the next 5 decades the latter will prevail even though some rough edges will remain like they are in every country in the world.

  2. Prabhakar Bedi January 28, 2009 at 8:12 am #

    Read Imagining India and you are full of hope..walk down the streets or go down to villages you are despaired..the very idea of India hinges on finding direction amidst this hope and despair

    India must shine equally through its small cities and villages..this requires colossal effort overtime by the intelligentsia to evolve and develop sustainable grass root level solutions to enable the poor to learn to catch a fish, make them self sufficient through pride and progress rather than doles

    We stay committed to this and the next three decades will see us bloom truly. India, right now is a country of plenty..plenty of problems to be solved…let us get down to work

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