Policemen who caught the terrorist alive

The story of Mumbai policemen who caught Ajmal Amir Kasab alive needs to be ciruculated and the valour of these policemen celebrated and commended.

While the senior officers of Mumbai police and the commandos of NSG get the well-deserved accolades for their role during the anti-terrorist operations in Mumbai, little has been written about the junior operatives of the Mumbai police who caught alive one terrorist at Girgaum Chaupatty. Indian Express recounts the tale of the brave men of Mumbai police who captured the dreaded terrorist, Ajmal Amir Kasab during that encounter.

Senior Police Inspector Nagappa Mali from the DB Marg police station said, “On that night, I was about to go home when I got to know that some terrorists were headed towards my jurisdiction. I immediately formed two teams, one of which was posted at Girgaum Chowpatty and the other at the Tribhovandas Zhaveri Lane. When the Skoda neared the barricades that we had erected at Girgaum, the two men sitting inside turned their head lights to full beam, squirted water on their wind-shields and turned on the wipers in an attempt to hide their faces.

However, as we had information about the colour and make of the car, we signalled them to stop and demanded that they emerge from the car with their hands raised. Kasab who was sitting in the passenger seat came out with his hands raised but then immediately started firing from his AK-47 which he had hidden between his knees.”When the firing started, ASI Tukaram Umble got hit even as the rest of the team pounced on Kasab and subdued him. In the meantime, Inspector Vinod Sawant who had gone to the driver’s side saw that the driver, Ismail, was also firing with his weapon and Sawant and his associate immediately opened fire on him, said Mali. Ismail was declared dead later and Kasab, who initially pretended to be dead, was taken to the hospital.

In the media hype over the political fallouts of the Mumbai terror attacks, this story will pale into insignificance. However, this is the kind of story that needs to be circulated over and over again to inspire other policemen and to restore the faith of the common man in the state in general, and the local police in particular.

Let us remember that the local police is the first and the most important round of defence that the Indian state has, among the plethora of agencies dealing with national security, against the terrorists. If the police are heavily criticised when they fail in their duty, then they deserve to be commended and celebrated when they go beyond the call of their duty.

Finally, Ratan Tata, always the sagacious voice, puts the current emotional state of the nation rather succinctly.

We’re indignant, but we’re not scared. If there’s a view that this has pulled us down, I think it will unite the country that much more.


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12 Responses to Policemen who caught the terrorist alive

  1. signature November 30, 2008 at 5:39 pm #

    Killing nine was, as it is ,inevitable and forgone conclusion; but apprehanding one alive is a great achievement which will provide valuable information about the plot and masterminds behind the plot. The police team deserve all the accolades and promotions out of turn for this exemplery gallantary.

  2. Yash November 30, 2008 at 7:00 pm #

    instead of karkare this police inspector (Senior Police Inspector Nagappa Mali from the DB Marg police station ) and his associates shud be given award. awarding karkar and the others is rewarding passive death, not active operations (i have nothing against karkare or the others who have died). if u want the police to perform better please do not reward death due to circumstance, but active action (which the police inspector has taken). make a difference between dying in action and dying due to action. i did not see any channels taking his interview or any other newspapers looking for him or praising him.

  3. PS November 30, 2008 at 7:31 pm #


    Finally, Ratan Tata, always the sagacious voice, puts the current emotional state of the nation rather succinctly.

    Is Raton Tata to be nano_blamed for apparently not having an employee verification procedure in place in his hotel ? The police always want it done. And if someone in the Hotel chain knew there was a threat as is reported it should have been elementary to check baggage ? Link

    Eventually Ansal was held responsible for negligence……..

  4. voyager December 1, 2008 at 4:05 am #

    Indeed this tale of valour has been lost and I can’t fathom the reason behind it. Unsung they may remain, but these policemen are few of the true heroes in this sordid saga.

    It also brings me to a not so likeable topic and one that possibly will not be said right now by anyone in the mass media.

    During 9/11, the passengers inside one of the hijacked planes (after learning of the earlier events) counter-attacked the hijackers. All of them died when the aircraft crashed in a field but it didn’t get rammed into any target as was planned. Lives were lost, but many more were saved.

    I understand the shock and numbness which sudden violence incites and the first response is always to run for your own safety…but this lasted a long time and people were in communication. There were just a couple of them amidst the hundreds they butchered like lambs…didn’t any of the captives understand that they were going to die anyway and there was nothing to lose by trying to strike back?

    Isn’t this a response we must have in the common citizens? Or is it a national “herd mentality” wherein we are only brave enough to form mobs or vigorous enough to cause a stampede?

  5. menon December 4, 2008 at 9:55 pm #

    There were two Home Guards people who also died. No weapons, no spokemen, but heroes all the same. May their souls rest in peace.

  6. Anup Thomas December 11, 2008 at 8:48 pm #

    The presence of mind of these policemen in the line of fire is the most commendable act in the wake of the mumbai terror attacks. The fact that we had apprehended a fidayeen alive can be attributed to the times after the Rajiv Gandhi assassination when our soldiers and cops had seconds to apprehend a LTTE suspect before they consumed cyanide. Also, it is obvious to the world , now, that the evidence brought forth from this terrorist has been of utmost value to it, even the depth of deception, secrecy & denial of rogue elements is in the light.
    Hopefully, the security infrastructure that will be laid in these wakes for India will come out stronger & more effective than any other counter terrorism unit in the world. Call it a citizen’s wish. We’ve come this far. Jai Hind

  7. I Samson February 8, 2009 at 7:24 pm #

    This discussion makes a wonderful reading. But has any one realised that a police officer has been awarded “Ashok Chakra” for taking the job of a driver and for locking his subordinates including gunmen in the dicky of the qualis jeep. As if this was not enough, noise is now being made for an enquiry as to why the ak 47 gun allotted to him earlier was withdrawn. Would any one like to throw light on this issue as to what this officer would have done with the gun when his hands were engaged in holding the steering wheel of the jeep, To top this all the civic authorities have not lagged behind in adding their share of stupidity by felicitating the officer by naming a public garden after him. I have nothing against the officer who died and his family who is now suffering, they deserve full sympathy but that does not mean that the highest peace time gallantry award of the country is demeaned to such an extent. It will certainly be an insult to those who have actually fought for the country , laying down their lives while exhibiting devotiohn to duty, courage and gallantry of the highest order. George Bernard Shaw’s quote on martyrdom must have been in a lighter vein but has now become a reality.. he had said : “martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability”. How true!

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