Indian Army: Image & reality

Lord Wavell outlined the centrality of the Indian Army to the Indian nation-state in his farewell speech on 21 March 1947–

I believe that the stability of the Indian Army may perhaps be the deciding factor in the future of India.

Nothing drastic has transpired since then to change the status of the Indian Army (used generically to include Navy and Air force) and its contribution to Indian nationhood. If one were to ask the common man or woman on the street about the Indian Army, he or she would parrot out the same lines — Indian Army is the last bastion of the state, a paragon of virtue, honesty and integrity, a glamourous but resilient organisation and so on. There might be a minority, fed on the recent stories in the popular media, who will hold a contrarian view about the defence services.

But among both these types of individuals, the Indian Army often exists as something “these other guys do”; an activity so remote from their own lives that it might as well be engaged in by aliens. The stereotypes of the army held by many civilians, courtesy Bollywood and mainstream media, are both false and harmful. Indian soldiers aren’t inane golems who couldn’t find employment elsewhere; for the most part they are highly talented inviduals. The education level in the army is comparable to most of the organizations, both public and private, in this country. There are a few officers with doctorates and officers with masters degrees are rather common. In the recent years, the level has gone even higher and many of the NCOs and JCOs have graduate degrees. There is religious and regional diversity in all command positions and unlike other public sector units, casteism is completely absent. If the soldier is not involved in operations, there is an emphasis on training and preparing for operations. There are organised instruments that look after the welfare of the lowest-ranking soldiers and huge efforts are devoted to this by leadership at all levels.

The plebeians have no appreciation for the varied nature of the army’s organisational strengths that allow it to accomplish near-impossible missions. It is indeed difficult to exactly compare a military operation to any corporate activity; the difference in scope and methodologies between the two is stark. The popular tendency is to couch all things related to the army in mythical and glorified terms — heroism, valour, courage, bravery, hardships, sacrifice, martyrdom, et al. This dilutes the focus on the outstanding processes, systems and procedures that are the bedrock of this efficient organisation.

In very simple terms, the sheer logistics of moving large groups of people over hundreds of kilometres in an organised fashion to achieve a major goal, while other people and groups who are trying to thwart that mission, is no less complex than rocket science or brain surgery.

The modern management practices and technologies have all evolved from the military. The examples vary from the internet and mobile telephony to packaged food to human resource management and operational logistics. Isn’t it strange then that so many people in this country regard the military as inferior to most parts of the civilian sector? The reality is exactly the opposite.

This variation between reality and perception is due to a lack of self-belief and poor self-image among the top brass of the Indian army. Their actions betray their lack of conviction in their own organisation. The army officers are made out by their acts as status jockeys who spend more time worrying about some abstract decline in their position rather than focusing on the mission. The public appears to be unable to separate the gratification of the army from what is its real purpose. The awkward efforts of the Indian army to portary a positive image do precisely the opposite.

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”
-Kurt Vonnegut


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139 Responses to Indian Army: Image & reality

  1. PS February 6, 2008 at 5:19 am #

    [1] Thank you for the Wavell quote. Also please recall what Cariappa said in 1947 “Aaj hum sab muft* ho gaye.” *His far sighted, right on, gem of a translation for ‘azad’

    [2] Peoples Liberation Army to sort out Bombay:
    [ they edited out the aquarium bit, sadly - I am a dedicated pisces keeper ]

    3. Must disagree with you Sir. There are or were no ‘martyrs’ in the Indian Armed Forces pre or post ’47. Martyrs are passive sufferers for a cause eg – Cranmer, Ridley, Maximilian Kolbe, Becket, a Guru who refused to give in to a Mughal’s demand to change his religion, Potti Sriramulu etc. I have asked a number of pre ’47 commission Generals and Admirals…Include a VCNS, a VCOAS and the author of the Book ‘Birth of a Nation’ They all confirm that ‘martyr’ ..for soldier killed in battle is a Hinglish idea. None of the CWGC war memorials to 1.7 million war dead are called Martyrs Memorials. India Gate has a line engraved which spells it out clearly.” To the dead of the Indian Armies..” I also asked the DG of the CWGC and an 86 year old Brit priest at the function onn 28 Jan at the USI. They had their understated replies. Wrote to Mrs Sonia Gandhi too and she referred this matter to the Def, Min. I have an official communication from a female IAS officer in the Defence Ministry archly stating that that her dictionary tells her different.( what about usage please? )

  2. Pragmatic February 6, 2008 at 8:55 am #


    For the Kipper “muft” quote, see my post where I have a detailed extract and a literal transliteration from his speech.

    The martyr stuff is a legacy of the independence movement — “Shaheed”. The problems of a literal translation. A modern army, I agree, can’t have martyrs. They are soldiers doing their job, a very difficult one.

    Very interesting because you raise this point. This is my point as well. The army as an institution wants to grab attention and garner praise and sympathy, and it loves this heroism, valour, sacrifice and martyrdom bit. This shifts the focus from everything else that is good and professional about the organisation — systems, processes, institutions, instruments of action etc. It is just not about barking orders and automatons carrying them out.

    It is a zero-sum game. If you want the professionalism and corporate culture to be highlighted, shift the focus from other externalities that are couched in mythical terms. Alas, it won’t happen because the top brass doesn’t understand the finer nuances of their actions.

  3. shrimpy February 6, 2008 at 1:13 pm #

    It sounds like your assumption regarding public perception of the Indian Army is based on anecdotal versus statistical evidence. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) I don’t have any data to back this up either, but I don’t know of many (any?) people who believe “Indian soldiers are[...] inane golems who couldn’t find employment elsewhere”.

    Coincidentally, The Economist recently published an article explaining the exacting requirements, and the competition for recruits, has made things challenging for the Indian Army:

  4. Pragmatic February 6, 2008 at 2:26 pm #


    The perception is based on anecdotal evidence (how do I do a statistical backing) and what all of us read and hear every day in the mainstream media. The army top brass is not helping either by their utterances.
    If not inane golems, they would be looked upon as supermans with bulging biceps and limited brains.I have already written about the Economist piece earlier on my blog.

  5. PS February 6, 2008 at 6:33 pm #

    [1] Have a bee in bonnet/beret about the martyr tag. Reading Peter Foster’s blog in the Telegraph, saw another link: No martyr there.

    [2] Redland refers to their soldiers fallen in battle/s as ‘shaheeds’ Different.

    [3] Worse: The Unfinished Business of Partition (Mil) is now going through redeath. The Divisions of the pre ’47 Regimental War Dead ‘ yeh hamara tha, woh tumhara tha ‘is in process. Regimental Histories would need a revision ? The origins of this unseemly battle lie in vehement Redland assertions at the UK office of the CWGC and maybe pleased Blueland bureaucarcy who get to pay a lesser share of CWGC contribution if they can prove that Sepoy .. was your Desh’s. Nigerians and Chinese and Brits also figure in the Indian Forces list. No wonder the official IA site lists only 2 WW men. Some skeins of a sinister Angrez engineered plot too.

  6. sujata February 9, 2008 at 5:57 pm #

    A modern army, I agree, can’t have martyrs. They are soldiers doing their job, a very difficult one.

    Before writing statements like this pls think twice thrice and hundred more times.The Indian army has proved it so many times….with so many wars and its soldiers are still to be called martyrs?

    Who the hell are you to decide on such things?

  7. Pragmatic February 9, 2008 at 10:40 pm #


    Who the hell are you to decide on such things?
    If only I could, I would highlight the real positives of the Army — the systems, processes and institutions — that form the bedrock of this organisation. This emotional harangue about martyrdom etc. limits the Army to some kind of a sacrificial religious sect, which it certainly isn’t. Ponder!

  8. sujata February 12, 2008 at 11:31 am #

    @ Pragmatic.

    I certainly agree about the real positives of the army,the systems,processes and institutions,though I also feel that some of them need amendments now with the requirement of time and social change.

    But the concept of martydom is something superior.why?

    1.When a soldier has to put his steps forward to face the enemy,he knows that he may die.He knows that if he dies then his wife is going to lead a widow’s life and his kids are going to suffer.He knows that there will be nobody to take care of his parents.Still there is something inside his heart that pushes him from back and he steps forward.I think that’s where the concept of martydom plays its role.If that does not exist then everytime a soldier knows that he may die….he won’t step ahead.

    2.Why to suffer in those high altitudes of -50 degrees,and in those dry hot deserts
    when you can get an easy civil job of 9 to 5 and comfort yourself of all the modern lifestyles?If the honour of martydom is also denied then why,for what sake one should continue with serving the army?

    3.Who in this country will send his/her son to the battlefield to die for nothing… underpaid salary,traumas,separations,hardships….and finally an untimely death?And no martydom?Where is the motivation for the parents to send their son to serve the nation?I think there are better options like sending them to USA with a degree in software engg.

    4.So many wars are fought and so many of them have died.And today if we don’t remember them and their sacrifice and will not honour them for their martydom,then certainly we are just using them as use-and-throw-products.

    5.MARTYDOM is not a kind of sacrificial religious sect.It’s a spiritual thought that works as supreme energy, both mental and physical at the time of real crisis and unavoidable situations.

  9. PS February 12, 2008 at 1:45 pm #

    Military Martyrs
    [Every country except India ]
    Auth – Nil
    Held – Nil

  10. Pragmatic February 12, 2008 at 1:59 pm #


    I agree. I remember hearing that old soldier Lt General SK Sinha. In his talk, he only mentions the fallen heroes of Budgam. Nowhere martyrs! But then, English is a foreign language.

  11. sujata February 12, 2008 at 5:00 pm #


    It seems that you are headstrong enough to listen only to one soldier i.e Lt General SK Sinha.What about the rest of the soldiers in the army?There parents,wives,kids?Why don’t you listen to what they say before jumping to a conclusion?

  12. sujata February 12, 2008 at 5:46 pm #


    You are true.They are nuts only,who sacrificed their lives for people like you.And I don’t understand why you are underestimating Indians.I am in doubt now about your originality….may be I am talking to a Paki.

  13. Pragmatic February 12, 2008 at 7:09 pm #


    Come on! There is a point about military service and martyrdom being made by PS. You may read his comments on this and other threads to know of his credentials. You’d know of the number of his generations that have served in the Indian Army. Let us leave it at that. My request is to discuss thoughts and not indulge in castigating individuals.

  14. Vikram February 12, 2008 at 9:56 pm #

    Well, I do tend to agree with Sujata. Martyrdom is very much required or else who is going to step forward for peanuts. Let us not compare India with other countries. They have adequate compensation plan in place. Long time back I read about an US NCO of Indian origin serving in Iraq (?) from (Chandigarh?)who became a ‘fallen hero’. Top US dignitaries attended his funeral and needless to say his NOK must have been adequately compensated. What is the scenario in our Mera Bharat Mahan? Compensation for ‘fallen heroes’ of Kargil was courtesy media (an exception). Everyday soldiers lay down their lives. Are they getting compensated to an extent that their parents will ever think of sending their next son to the war front?

    Pragmatic! I do support your views that to make the ungrateful citizens of ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ to really appreciate the worth of Armed Forces, there is a need to focus that all lessons of Management were learnt from the Armed Forces. Today they cannot be teaching the father how to bring up the child! Till such time the need to focus on Martyrdom is very much essential.

  15. sujata February 13, 2008 at 11:02 am #


    Yes I am also here to discuss thoughts.

    And it’s not a big thing for me to castigate an individual when he is talking nonsence about the whole nation.(What did he mean when he said-EVERY COUNTRY EXCEPT INDIA?).

    The fact is that when you all here are providing facts and figures about the soldiers sitting with your room heaters,those soldiers are guarding you in the borders in this chilly winters and of course without an internet facility(no telephone facility also).They don’t know what this country thinks about them for whom they are falling everyday.If they could have read these blogs,they would have laughed their hearts out…and would have never believed it.Or they would have flooded your blog with thousand comments more agressive than mine that you would have never ever dared to forget.

    The sadest thing is that people are taking the indian army as a political organization.Technically they are right.You have all your sayings about the diplomatic top-brass,but why are you pushing the poor soldier that consist of 90% of the force into that diplomacy.A poor soldier even does not know what is going on in the top-brass,he only knows about his duty and he has proved it a number of times with so many wars and he is proving it everyday while facing the terrorists in Kashmir and in the north-east.If you can’t give them their due respect then just keep the silence,that will be enough,they are not asking anything more from you.

  16. sujata February 13, 2008 at 11:05 am #

    @ Pragmatic.

    And it would be great if I get the link to PS’s writings.

  17. Pragmatic February 13, 2008 at 8:34 pm #


    If you can’t give them their due respect then just keep the silence

    Let me try and clear the air once again. There are levels at which things happen — at an organisational level and at a personal level. To mix the two is dangerous.

    My focus on this post is about how good the Army is (and that includes its soldiers) and how the institutional actions of the organisation (aka Top Brass) are conveying the exact opposite to the public by their words and deeds. How is this disrespectful to the ordinary soldier?

    I am certain our officers and men take pride in being professional soldiers; they don’t want to be portrayed as some kind of sacrificial lambs being fed heavily and then led to slaughter.

    More importantly, I am open to posting contrarian views on this blog. If you have something logical and well-researched that you’d like to say, I’d be willing to post that as a guest post on this blog. Just leave a comment and I’ll contact you via email.

  18. Dr K Prabhakar Rao February 19, 2008 at 8:46 pm #

    Kindly read my article on in connection with this article. It is Threat of military rule in democracies

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  19. Dr K Prabhakar Rao February 22, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Armed forces in any country have the sacred role of defending the country from external aggression and protect the constitution. They also help in maintaining internal order by helping the government when need arises. At times they have to wage preventive war for defending the country. Armed forces also help the government by taking part in relief operations incase of natural calamities, such as floods, earthquakes, Tsunami and floods. The question is why such armed forces with noble aims betray the confidence of people and resort to coup de tat.

    Countries like Pakistan although democratic states suffered continuous military rule over long durations. African nations too suffer from this evil. Islamic countries mainly suffer from this evil because religion and politics can not be separated in these countries. The rule is invariably authoritarian that could be dictatorship, monarchy or rule by a military junta. Turkey is an exception in Islamic world.

    In India, the President is the commander in chief of the armed forces and he does not wear uniform. The three wings of Indian armed forces at the time of gaining independence were under the command of Commander in Chief. The first Indian Commander in Chief was General (Later Field Marshal) Cariappa who took over from the British C in C General Roy Butcher. Air force and Navy Chiefs were one step down (Rank of Lt Generals) and were under the command of General Cariappa. The protocol level of the C in C was next only to the Prime Minister. As time passed and euphoria of independence vanished, the importance of Armed forces reduced day by day and there has been great down fall in their status.The General stands at the end of a long line of poltical leaders and civil servents. General Thimmayya was the next famous General in the fifties and he had to submit resignation owing to differences with the then Defense minister V K Krishna menon and this episode is world famous and is a sore point in the Indian post independence history. This also resulted in debacle in Chinese war of 1962.General Thimmayya was much feared and even there was a speculation that a coup was around the corner. It sent shivers down the spine of Indian leaders. The three defense force Chiefs were made of equal status and the post of commander in Chief was abolished and each chief became independent so that they could grapple at each others throat.. This was done by Nehru government infact to prevent any likely coup by the forces. It took decades to allow a chief of Defense staff who infact is a co coordinator between all the services and does not command all the three wings. The senior most officers of the three wings become the Chief of Defense staff without powers. It is rather a ceremonial post. This is mostly to keep service chiefs in good humor than to do any good. A post with no commanding powers is no post in services..

    Although the status of chiefs of all three services is same, Army chief is the most important one and that matters. In case of a coup others have to fall in line and there is no way. In democracy, troops are confined to the barracks and are in the rear seat while civilian representatives of people duly elected remain in the driving seat all the time even if they are corrupt, inefficient, lack luster, ignorant and lack administrative capabilities. Armed forces have nothing to play in politics of the country in a democracy although many probably inwardly are itching to do so after watching the civilian misrule for the last 60 years. Army courts are under the jurisdiction of highest courts in India. The cantonments are located far away from the civilian areas to avoid contact with civilians and maintain secrecy. The government expects the forces to be away from the civilian influences. However with growth of cities, these cantonments have now been surrounded by the civilian colonies and business shops and this is the usual phenomena in most of the cities.

    The training activities of officers and soldiers are carried out without any political influences and interaction. Indian Military officers undergo training purely on western methods and the academies are formed on those at Sadhurst and West point in USA although the Englishmen have left Indians to their fate to struggle and suffer at the hands of corrupt and inefficient political leaders. In civilian society although military personnel have some concessions, these are pathetically negligible. It is an open fact with passing of time, the status of service officers in civil society has been down graded rather degraded. They do not enjoy the same status and respect which Indian Administrative officers and Indian Police officers do. The promotion prospects in the services are very poor and even after donkey years of thankless service, the officers and men are deprived of promotions due to whims and fancies and this is a burning and bitter fact of life to many. The service men serve at remote areas, are separated from families and are transferred frequently and children’s education suffers severely. These transfers become nightmare as the service increases and the professional education of the children suffers greatly. They silently suffer the perils only to retire and fade away unsung and unheard.

    Downgradation of service personnel in civilian society is nothing new. This is very common in democracies. There is a famous saying in India that Mother is remembered in pain and soldier is remembered in war. This also has resulted in rise of tensions among service personnel and there were clashes between Army and police personnel in Amritsar, Agra, Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. Army personnel bashed police men black and blue at these places. Most of such incidents are not given high publicity in the news papers. The unhappiness at times surfaces in the form of these flare ups. In democracies, civilian authorities have upper hand. The responsibilities of army establishments are different. However the fact that service personnel also being Indian citizens is forgotten in the civilian administration most of the times. Probably many consider them as unwanted elements if not parsites.They are pushed from pillar to post. The soldiers have to interact with many civilian agencies for many activities as a citizen and are put to great inconvenience and harassement and the rampant corruption, red tapes, arrogance by the civil officials and inordinate delay in civilian administration is the sole burning point.

    Another important factor is copying of army uniform by Para military civil forces in India. Every Tom Dick and Harry wears army fatigues in India. Even IPS officers wear army fatigues (camouflage cloth) at their training academy at Hyderabad. God only knows when they are going to fight enemy in such fatigues. Once they are out of the academy mostly their life is spent in air-conditioned offices barring very few who are posted in extremist areas ( How many ?). The rank badges of police officers resemble army badges although they are of silver color compared to golden yellow army rank badges. This has been a matter of great discussion in the past and there is a great unhappiness owing to this fact. Some time ago, the peak cap of a head constable in the police forces of Andhra Pradesh exactly resembled that of a colonel of Indian Army. These constables chewing Beatle nut and at times smoking and standing on one leg leaning on the lathi with a tilted cap donning the head at roadside is a common sight in India. This was considered offensive by Army and the police department changed the cap of the head constable. It is still a mystery whether this was done wantedly or it was a slip up. Some years ago, the cap of colonels displayed the state emblem of three lions (One behind not seen). All of a sudden the government changed the dress code and ordered that all colonels would wear regimental badge on their caps and belt. None knows about these badges outside the army. This was probably done as the officers of the rank of colonels were made battalion commanders replacing Lt Colonels. This was a step down gradation of colonels. But nothing could be done. The colonels sucked thumbs, pulled their hair if something was left and cried in anguish and despair. However the greatest damage was already done to the structure of army by that time. Many in hush hush said they would ask for premature retirement. But none had guts to be out of safe service and face realities in civil life. They settled down for continued humiliation as a degraded rank devoid of prestigious lions on their caps.

    Some time ago, the soldier was worshipped in India. Army service was considered as god’s gift to serve the nation by bearing arms for the country. But now things have changed. Service in defense forces is now seen as one of the means of livelihood. Bright youngsters are now looking other way from the services and youth are flocking to industrial sectors, corporate houses and commercial establishments. Services are the last priority. The prestige of defense forces received severe jolt in the struggle between civil servants and Defense officers.Inspite of all these bickerings and down gradation, the services are loyal to the constitution and are keeping out of politics in India. Infact politics are taboo and not permitted. A soldier can not express his political opinion openly and hides within himself. He may vote in elections and that too very few would. The saddest part is that his vote in absence is already put in a ballot box by a cheat. In spite of the type of party that is in power services are loyal to them.

    In Pakistan that is next door, Military rules are regular affair after General Ayub Khan usurped power in 1957 for the first time. Even if elections were held Army was the supreme authority. Pakistan army is fully politicized. Being a small country, coup was easier. Similarly Bangladesh being tiny nation military coup was easy. Islamic states fall prey to military coups as religion and politics travel hand in glove. Services have to be always away from politics in democracies. Otherwise trouble is sure.

    Coups take place on certain occasions. These are severe political crisis, extreme degradation of political leadership, severe corruption and un ethical governing by civilian leadership, Loss of all values in civilian life, Severe down gradation and insult to the services by the civil authorities are some of the instances where military coups invariably take place. After the coups, the senior most military officer takes over the authority and at times a Junta takes control of the nation. Fundamental rights are scrapped. Press is curbed. Constitution is abrogated or scrapped. The country is divided into zones and is under the control of a military governor. All senior civil servants who were on front benches would be now in back benches. Army becomes supreme. Entire police forces come under the command of army. Marshal Law takes over for duration. The existing civil administration continues, but it is controlled by army leadership. Military coup is always a threat in countries where democracy is restored after some time. Civilian officers in such countries try to maintain good relation with service officers even after restoration of democracy. They fear reversal at any time. There is also an argument that military coups also take place at the instance of foreign powers to change the government. USA and former USSR face such accusations.

    In India, situation is slightly different. All the service chiefs are of equal rank and these officers invariably are reportedly zealous of each other. Unity is extremely difficult among them. Yet coup can be executed only by Army. Air force and Navy can only watch and toe the line. The equipment such as Tanks, vehicles, armored cars, and artillery that are required for executing coup is always with Army. Therefore democratic governments are invariably worried over army and its leadership. Once upon a time it was believed that Central Para military forces such as Central reserve police and Borders security forces that come under Home ministry would be able to counter army in grave situation. However this is only a fallacy and these forces are no match to army. There have been revolts by CRPF units and Army had to disarm them. There is no force in the country that can challenge army. It can not be defeated by any force.

    Indian army officers are completely brought up in western culture and continue to do so. Regimental dinner nights are conducted in British style even today and they drink toast to the health of the President. Formerly they used to propose toast to the queen or king of England. They used to drink wine in the glasses while proposing toast. But now they drink water because it is a Gandhian land. Wine is a Taboo. The Englishmen have left Indians to their fate and were greatly relieved having got rid off India. They heaved a sigh of relief. But Indians are still hanging to their tails in the form of regimental traditions. Thus Indian democracy is comparatively safe from coups as Indian army’s officers are British bred and have strong loyalty to the President as on today. Invariably the officers are capitalist oriented and bourgeoisie in nature. They are addicted to five star cultures and averse to other political philosophies such as communist ideology. They are worried and run after the decorations and service distinguished awards that are distributed on the republic day parade every year. The armed forces are averse to the coup as the country is too big to govern and none wants to buy headaches. The officers probably also lack the qualities that Pak officers possess which lead to coups in that country. It is great blessing in disguise that these officers are away from politics. It is a great boon to Indian leaders. This may be considered as the loyalty and devotion in other way.. Except few democratic countries, most of the third world countries have witnessed military coups. Invariably military governments either follow mixed economy, or capitalistic economy or communist philosophy. Pakistan has banned Communism and Bangladesh has not fallen to communists. The services which are western oriented would always prefer capitalistic society and would not fall for communism. It is very unlikely. Of course under military rule in the initial days, one can expect some reduction in corruption and mischief. But as the time goes, the new government too equally becomes corrupt and it would be old wine in new bottle. One can not expect that corruption would disappear in military rule. The same people who were there earlier in government at lower level would remain. No country has prospered under military rule. Pakistan and Bangladesh and many African nations are examples. One after the other, dictators would rule. It is like a tiger that has tasted human blood. It will seek kill again and again. Therefore it is essential that the civilian leadership should avoid such situations that would cause revolt by army leading to coups. A civilian government can not stop a coup if army is determined. Best way to rule with distinction as per constitution. In all democracies, military coups are always lurking around the corner and its shadow follows. It must be remembered that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose established Indian National Army from the captured soldiers in Japan. Naval ratings revolted before independence was granted to India. The clashes between army and police are occurring occasionally and unhappiness is surfacing. These are all indications of unhappiness that could cause serious trouble. In every state yearly once an army and civilian co ordination conference is held. The issues discussed are not known outside and there is a general feeling that these meetings are mere eyewash. It is known that certain concessions given to army were seriously affected by the local government policies. Sale of liquor to ex service men is an example. The Government is collecting special tax over the liquor. Thus there is hardly any concessional rate for the service men in Andhra Pradesh. This has caused great heart burning among the soldiers. In recent times ex service men demonstrated over certain issues in Hyderabad and they were lathi charged. The incident is a shameful one indeed.

    The concept of treating soldiers as useless lot in the society and as mere sacrificial goats should change. It must be remembered that soldier’s duty is the most pious one and it can not be compared to any other profession. They are eligible for due respect and high honor. When such attitude prevails in society and civilian government relations with services would always be cordial. This is the most important reason for stability in Western nations like France, England, USA and other countries. This fact must be remembered by all democracies and India is no exception.


    1. Premedra Agarwal, Fearful Pandit Nehru,

    2. Karan Tapars programme face to face on BBC television in 1970 with Field Mrashal Manekshaw as cited in fearful Indira Gandhi in Premedra Agarwal, Fearful Pandit Nehru,

    3. Pragmatic Euphony, Indian army and relations,, Feb 06, 2008

  20. PS February 22, 2008 at 2:26 pm #

    Dr Rao’s note recalls similar bl.& bl. ‘conferences’ in Jabalpur, Baroda, Indore(?), Calcutta ( wasn’t that really nice ? )

    Rightly said that soldiers are akin to MOH, to be fed, marginally housed and expended when necessary. The authorised exit policy.

    311 BC anyone ? 911 did start another trend.

  21. Dr K Prabhakar Rao February 24, 2008 at 9:12 pm #

    Army guys in India inparticular are a sorry lot as the service does not give them the expected returns in form of prestige, social status and financial freedom compared to corportae secor today. Third rate stuff is now knocking at the doors and there is a great shortage of officers in army. The service is the last priority for the youth in India. Although it looks glamorous when one watches annual republic parade and much of hands swinging, smart saluting, Tank parading, sabres flashing ( Indian army does not goose step like German and Russian armies). The cadre review has done disastrous damage to prestige of officers cadre. It is self doing of army.After General Thimmayya as army chief, army has been progressively downgraded. Most of the officers desire to quit once they complete minimum pensionable service. It is no more the number one service in the country….


    Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Life in army is compared to a golden jail
    Where finally all are bound to get sick and pale
    They go through service of a long cruise
    Then come out like a tomato sucked of it’s juice

    Thrown off the service at an young age
    We expect them to become soon a sage
    Outside world that holds them as the great heroes
    Now treat them alas! As big zeroes

    It is no more a fad to serve the army
    Where third rate stuff knock at the doors
    Good old army of glorious past
    Now reduced to the state of a broken and rotten ship mast

    Status of army has dwindled over years
    With third rate stuff filling the gaps
    Cadre review has filled up higher ranks
    As prestige of army received a mighty slap

    Poor little cadets in the academy at Dehradun
    Are clueless about the fate that awaits them
    Youthful years they sacrifice for the nation
    Are a sorry lot at end not knowing whom to blame

    Merit in army has disappeared into distant wild
    And psychos have made it their absolute empire
    Running after the perks is the order of the day
    While honest are pushed from a pan to the fire

    There was a time when the service the prestigious one
    Where princes and elite joined it and brought fame
    The service today is at the bottom of the job list
    Although they put up brave face and make tall claims

    The service is like a frog in deep well
    Devoid of happenings taking place around them
    The leaders have made it sacred and holy cow
    Turned into a rubble which was once a gem

    The olive greens are misused in civilian life
    Where servants put on colonels dress and salute sundry
    Civilian jeeps with olive green color imitate army jeeps
    As some shady crooks ride them being power hungry

    Civilian guys do not prefer army guys
    When their daughters are to be married off
    They do not mind a dumb and lame duck as bridegroom
    As army guys are put aside as a dead stinking calf

    The nation has been swindled by some political leaders
    With crores of rupees left in foreign accounts and ledgers
    Hey roam around free as corruption breeders
    As army guys are taken on camel ride by the leaders

    Years of effort in army is down the drain and crevice
    The moment one is out of the service
    The fact is simple and is very plain
    Although for some it may cause hiccups and pseudo pain

  22. Dr K Prabhakar Rao February 27, 2008 at 9:42 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Having gone through decades of marching past
    With body and mind thoroughly worn out and lost
    It is high time to do thinking on years gone away
    After loosing all the former charm and clout on the way

    I was in the academy learning the service frills
    Where I learnt ‘YES SIR’ and was doing the drill
    Precious years have vanished into blue sky
    While tired body has shriveled without a cry

    Traveled around the country as a spinning top
    After every two years non-stop
    Traveled in the trains without reservations
    And bore the brunt if insults and pain

    Slowly and steadily the service was spent
    While the soul turned weary and badly bent
    Sleepless nights were the order of the day
    And has to pass through the inevitable promotion fray

    Glorious years of youthful age have passed
    While values in service were trespassed
    Waited tired to the hilt for the fateful day
    To call it a day and be out of the useless fray

    While in army the soul had to be shut
    Army act causing great hiccups
    Mixing with civilians was seen as a crime
    Career was like a house devoid of mortar and lime

    Risked the life and limbs in course of duty
    And lived for the traditions which were mighty
    Felt the perils of war with a smiling face
    While the country was being managed to bring disgrace

    Glorious years of freedom withered away
    While those on top made fortune come what may
    People’s verdict had no sway
    While the leaders conduct was out of the way

    Under the name of traditions army has slept
    Poor Indians all these years just wept
    The army was made a holy cow
    Morale of the men was really very low

    Scores of scams are the order of the day
    Political crooks are all in the fray
    Skeletons from cupboards still roll out
    And army has no worthy candidates for passing out

    Riding an auto was once a taboo in army
    And the standards have greatly dwindled day by day
    Officers once were to travel only by a car
    And liquor however is plenty to flow in a bar

    Cadre review has ruined the status of army
    And the poor majors go around with heads growing bald and gray
    Generals with sword now do duties of former majors
    While officers are down the protocol with faded blazers

    There was a time when Army had a glorious day
    One had to watch today with greatest dismay
    The chief was number three in Protocols
    And now the generals are pushed aside as punctured footballs

    Alas! The soldier is revered only in war
    Heroes are held high at the top of altar
    God is remembered at time of a crisis
    After the war guys are left away from an oasis

    Years of effort in army is down the drain
    The fact is simple pungent and very plain
    Once one is out of service, he is like a rat
    Some although knowing blink like a treacherous cat

    There is no doubt army is great
    Here one has to reconcile to his fate
    Yet one has to uphold prestige of the nation
    While he withers away eating free ration

    Army has to do great introspection
    Nothing would come out of routine inspections
    All those who are out of service
    Would soon perish as a machine devoid of grease

  23. Dr K Prabhakar Rao February 28, 2008 at 6:00 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    The imposing buildings at Indian Military Academy, the prestigious and world famous Institution no doubt greatly inspires the cadets who undergo training. Sadly they are ignorant of life ahead of them and fate awaiting them. No career in society is nobler than the career in Army, Air force or Navy. But sadly in the current days it has been downgraded. In the melee of civil domination and over enthusiasm, great damage has been done to these Institutions. Yet our officers and men go about their duties in mechanical way sticking to the oath they have taken at the academies. Within few years the cadets who go into life realise the facts. But it is too late. They have to do their best in the circumstances, slog it out only to fade into oblivion unsung and unheard. As some one said, they are fed, housed marginally and spent off as gun fodder.

    Chetwode* building at the Indian Military Academy

    Standing imposing at the feet of Himalayan Hills

    Inspires cadets to greater heights

    Who sadly dream of having greater thrills

    (* Field Mrashal Philip Lord Walhouse Chetwode,I st Baron Chetwode, 7 th Baronet of oakley GCB, OM,GCSI, KCMG, DSO ( 21 Sept 1989- 6 July 1950)
    was a British cavalry officer who became Commander in Chief of Indian Army in India ( 1933).

    The Main building at IMA is named after him and the central hall is also named after him where his famous sermon is engraved and is the motto of officers who are commissioned from the academy. The motto is :

    “”The safety, honour and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time.” )

    The cadet takes oath that he would die

    For the cause of his most beloved nation

    Welfare of his men would be the next to the country

    As his own welfare is the last and gets his rations

    All those retired are found in spin and lost

    Personal welfare having been put to the last

    Years of service in Army is down the drain

    And truth is pungent and plain

    Mothers and wives of those who died in wars

    Cry in despair as leaders enjoy at bars

    The leaders visit the families for a moment brief

    And leave them to cry in eternal grief

    Blood of soldiers has flown down the land

    While rich celebrate weddings with police band

    Deep in borders the soldiers toil

    While Criminals join politics to only spoil

    Indian Army with colonial moorings

    Very happy with antiquated misgivings

    Generals are happy presiding over their empires

    And are totally lost when they finally retire

    Sword and baton are now in the locker

    While in the kitchen the lady is at the stove

    Medals and ribbons are hung at last

    In fiery world the General battles with his glove

  24. K Syamala February 28, 2008 at 6:12 pm #

    The articles of Dr K Prabhakr Rao on Indian army are realists and based on decades o experience, In post independence era there is no doubt that army is down the drains and downgraded. Promotion prospects are very poor compared to IAS and IPS services. The grey haired and bald majors with years of service behind rough it out on two wheelers while IPS and IAS officers just out of their training establishmnets posted as probationers move in staff cars with great pomp and show. There is no doubt the services are degraeded to second or even third rate in India. It is afct. To keep them happy on republic day the generals are dished out the awards right left and center and while really derving guys are not found in the lists. They would be slogging in some places un sung and un heard while sychophants rise to the higher level. The degradation is self doing and they have to be blamed themselves and none. Many top guys lack spine and become yes masters singing yes sir yes sir three bags full. God bless them

  25. disgruntled February 28, 2008 at 10:36 pm #

    No intention to degrade the actual oath.But this is what is followed:
    Your own ease, comfort and safety come first, always and every time.The safety, honour and welfare of your country come next. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come …yawn!

  26. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 6, 2008 at 6:17 pm #

    Hello What you said is true mostly. Still there are some who hang on to the oath. That takes army forward still in these troubled times. It is afcat that 2/Lt newly commissioned in army now runs after acquiring a decent flat at some posh oplace, purchases a good car ( Not Maruthi 800.. It is poormans car now), get hold of all home gadgets, music system, flat TV, Gas connections, and everything. The salaries have gone up much now a days. Fact is also that no bright guy appears at SSB. They run to corporate sectors. After getting selection from SSB many are cornered by the industrial gaints. The values have faded. What yu said is mostly true

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  27. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 6, 2008 at 6:21 pm #

    ( Published in Sainik Samchar , official magazine of Indian army during 2001 )

    While I was in the Academy at Dehra Dun decades ago, I was grilled into a British type Army. As Gentlemen Cadets, we were expected to be always in full suit with a hat. While walking on the road, whenever we came across wife of an officer we used to bow to her slightly lifting the hat. By the time I left the Academy, my hat developed a worn-out patch with a hole at the crown and brim. I had to throw away the hat while leaving the Academy. Now-a-days, no one wishes ladies in such a manner. You will be peculiarly looked upon as if you are a Madagaskar Lemur.
    While travelling on a bicycle, if you come across an officer, you have to wish him and pay respects by stiffening up and tightening the arms holding the handle. Once or twice, I fell down doing this in Academy as I crashed into another cycle coming from opposite direction. Even after 35 years, my fingers pain occassionally in cold weather while I curse in despair. If you are sitting in a gathering, the group or individual has to pay respects, by stretching hands over your crossed legs and put up a grim face without a smile. After retirement also, I happened to do this when I was sitting in a Saibaba temple. The priest saw this, came to me worried and asked me whether I was suffering from stiffness of joints or convulsions. I was much upset when I heard his words and with great difficulty overcame the age-old practice.
    While in the army units, at officers mess we used to attend dinner nights atleast twice a week. In those days, dinner night was attended in olive green bush-shirt with long sleeves rolled down with a cloth belt. After one or two small pegs of drink, we used to go for dinner in British style. We could never have a full meal. Invariably, I used to again swallow bread in my room when I returned. The atmosphere at the table used to be serious as if we sat mourning someone’s death. I always hated those dinner nights as I used to go home hungry.
    Dinner nights at Military College at Secunderabad were common. During those days, in severe summer, we used to be in white patrols with a closed jodhpuri collar, medals, rank badges etc. We swet like pigs in smouldering heat in the nights. It was more a punishment than a ceremonial function. With hundreds of officers, the halls used to be filled, food used to be served in English fashion with no time to eat. When the Commandant closed his plate, all of us had to also close. Invariably, the senior guys suffered from diabetes, blood pressure or gas trouble. They could hardly eat and used to close the plate too soon. Poor youngsters had to go hungry while plenty of chicken and rolls were wasted. Then, we had to drink a toast in honour of the President. Earlier, wine used to be passed on to the officers across the long table. With increasing morals apparently for outward show, only water used to be passed in decanters to fill wine cups. Then all of us used to drink water as a toast to the President of India. Invariably, the dinner nights were held when some staff members of the College used to go on posting or retirement. After some time, three or four guys from band of Regimental Centre used to go around the room playing bag pipes and in the last used to stand behind senior guys playing the pipes and also swaying in between. This could wake up everyone half dozing or asleep. Finally, the Commandant used to offer two large pegs of neat rum to the head of the pipers and on-the-spot he used to gulp it. After giving a smart salute, the pipers used to go away.
    During earlier days, lady wives were not permitted into the mess dining halls and they had to be entertained in ladies room. They could not take food on the dining table along with officers. Now, I find wives of outgoing/retiring senior guys also occupying seats in dining hall during regimental dinner nights along with their husbands. I also find photographs of such occasions in corps journals where lady wives are seen giggling along with their hubbies during dinner nights. Best of luck to the innovators!
    - Prof Col(Retired) Dr K Prabhakar rao

  28. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 11, 2008 at 4:48 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Army guys are worried of equivalence
    In spite of rulers showing periodic benevolence
    Their brains are always in great turmoil
    Although to their heads they apply liters of coconut oil

    Decades ago I got through the selection board
    It was surely I was told above the board
    Went to join the Academy at Himalayan Hills
    Sadly dreaming of greater thrills

    At railway station I got down stepped in a suit
    Hoping for a Jeep to take to me a good suite
    I saw a sergeant looking at me with a smile
    And he told me to wait there for a while

    Outside stood some clumsy looking Bedford pre war trucks
    Stub nose they had and I cursed my luck
    Guys like me were huddled in the seatless lorry
    That then raced through a stone quarry

    Finally we were dumped at a large hall in hot sun
    And were told that we would be facing some dirty fun
    The letter I carried shown me as lieutenant
    And soon I realized that I was worst than a maid servant

    The rank I was told only was on paper
    While rusty scraper cut beautiful hair on my skull
    Time passed in the academy with great difficulty
    While my brains lost the mental faculty

    Not even once I felt was treated as a human there
    The treatment I got was not really fair
    The fact of lieutenant disappeared from my head
    AT day and night were hammered with a mace of lead

    At last the day of passing out came at end
    And we were trained to stand stiff without a bend
    In military college I felt I was not an officer
    As I married before I was twenty five summers

    Family accommodation was denied although I had a wife
    Equivalence faced me as the cruel fact of life
    As subalterns we did route marches as punishment
    Had no feeling of having some achievement

    Posted to a division where I faced a Subedar Major
    Who always thought he was the real Razor
    The guy acted as Colonels secret spy
    We always feared the intentions of that foolish guy

    Slowly and steadily the service was spent
    While the career was slowly getting bent
    Traveled in the trains at short notice
    Railways behaving as if we were novices

    Slept in corridors of filthy coaches
    As failed to reserve the rickety coaches
    Fad of equivalence haunted my restless brain
    Contents of my brain were already in the drain

    In a stiff show managed Post graduation
    Annual reports were sure in retardation
    While in Delhi used to go to head quarters
    Traveled on scooter with nasty hindquarters

    Saw the beaurocrats traveling in beautiful staff cars
    While I had to rough it out with oily scooter handlebars
    Equivalence of rank always haunted my wisdom
    As the beaurocrats increased their growing fiefdom

    I always thought I was taken for a camel ride
    Most of the guys joined army without any guide
    Great years of my youth eventually perished unsung
    As the struggle has started showing on one of my lung

    Service in army was slowly coming to an end
    Posted to places where I had no real friend
    While in staff I had to attend once a lecture
    Delivered by a national leader to give us boad mental picture

    The venue was filled with many rickety chairs
    It was looking more like a weekly village fair
    Enclosures were kept for civilian beaurocrats
    While army guys were dumped in a corner with ill clad rats

    The sun was blazing in devastating way
    As none of us had any sway
    The policemen then came sporting dirty Sandals
    Finally they barged and sat with the colonels.

    Equivalence of rank was nowhere on the face
    I walked away from the place with left out grace
    In the office my head clerk quipped looking at my face
    “Premature retirement granted” he said tying his shoe lace

    The whole problem is solved finally I thought
    Relaxed in my chair with legs stretched tight
    The fad of equivalence disappeared from my gray head
    As outside all the Ex-army guys are same as rats I read

    Army guys are unique and have no equivalence
    And so be happy with government’s usual bits and benevolence
    Army guys are remembered only in war
    Rest of the time they are kicked hard and kept very far

    Equivalence if any is on mere paper
    In real life they are fooled and taken on camels ride
    The guys in army compare themselves to IAS men
    In real life the top men fool them to the depth difficult to pen

    Army guys status to day is reduced to that of house rat
    While over the years they were putdown on the mat
    Guys have failed to realize the truth that is sore
    And crave for bits of loaf as a periodical bore

    Army guys are not equal to any and are one devoid of wealth
    They are strange specimens and guys on this earth
    Over the years they are pushed down the ladder
    While these men are treated mere as the gun fodder

    Third-rate stuff is now filling the army
    While bright considers the service as life’s greatest folly
    Women are now dragged to fill up officer’s rank
    After a short service they are thrown out as a blank

    The poor girls would too bemoan their fate
    When thrown out after being out of date
    Equivalence in civil life is a mirage
    They finally turn into deranged sage

    Equivalence of rank also would haunt the females
    They Would pass into history equal to males
    Army guys kept busy with parties and dinner nights
    Have failed to see down the tunnel the ray of light

    The entire down fall is the doing of few
    While the sycophants in service greatly grew
    All these guys running for acquiring heavier brass
    Have brought the service to days miserable and sad pass

    For post of governor after retirement, some senior guys run
    While in service they follow the camp and have fun
    Interests of service is last for many of these old boys
    And they played with service as children play with toys

    Entire thing is the result of personal deeds difficult to pen
    Some of the top guys toed the line of political men
    Once the days of General Thimmayya were over
    They already broke up the top post fearing a take over

  29. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 11, 2008 at 6:25 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel ( retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Once upon a time there was a major
    With a tongue as sharp as a razor
    However he was handsome and smart
    With a lovely bearing and light at heart

    The major was qualified in all the army courses
    As horse that wins at all the races
    Failed to make for Staff College at Wellington
    As he was slow as English Cricketer Ken Barrington

    His boss was from owl’s family of Staff College
    And he was busy with papers looking like foliage?
    He was ever busy with commas and full stop
    And he pushed the major around as a spinning stop

    The major always got top grading in courses
    The boss was busy troubling him without remorse
    Poor guy did not know what to do with old boss
    And cursed his fate to be with the stupid ass

    Yearly ritual of reporting has finally come
    With late night dinners in officers homes
    Poor major was weak in these military tricks
    And failed to impress the boss in a flick

    Years of service has gone down the drain
    As the annual report was washed out in the rain
    Lukewarm report was the order of the day
    Finally the major had to swallow the fact with a pinch of clay

    The dreaded report has done the final damage
    By the whimsical men who wrote in fit of rage
    Innocent and able are swallowed in this way
    While the heavier brass has all the crocodile hold and sway

    Scores of officers are doomed in this fashion
    Who suck their thumbs and go into oblivion
    Draconian reports are the order of the day
    As bright youngsters from army keep away

    Third rate stuff ruling the roost
    But they drink milk in morning with boost
    Army has failed to attract talent into force
    While the brighter lads look other way without remorse

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  30. Friends March 11, 2008 at 7:34 pm #

    To set the record straight: Dr Rao had the absolute respect of anyone who worked with him. That we know. Hello there Sir.

  31. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 15, 2008 at 4:49 pm #

    Hello Friends

    Thanks for comments and I am grateful. What all I wrote in trms of poems and short stories are not to denigrade any one and my friends in uniform still vouch. If yu remember while in service too I wrote many articles humar in uniform in which the problems were hinted and highlighted without fear. We never ran for favors and did bootlicking ( Chamchagiri in normal hindi). We served with dignity and firmness and self respect. This quality is lacking by and large. Hence the degradation in overall .
    Thanks again friends.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  32. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 17, 2008 at 8:23 pm #


    Decades ago I had a Boss, he and an ass were alike
    And was always was there for alls dislike
    Every one grinned when he was in spin
    And struggles like a dirty fish devoid of its fin

    The boss was always moody
    With his head always dull and cloudy
    He had misty thoughts full of fog
    As the roadside refuse trampled by a hoga

    He and we were born alike from mother’s womb
    Yet his head was bald needing no comb
    His skull was misty and full of evil plans
    And put his men in spin from many clans

    He laughed when others fall
    While he strolled in Cantonments mall
    With villainous smile he looks at you
    And others shivered as if they had flu

    He and me were from same place
    Yet he ensured I had no solace
    He had deep grudge and axe to grind
    Reasons were difficult for me to find

    At last in rain and darkness of night
    I saw a ray of hope and streak of light
    That the boss would see reason and be kind and wise
    But the next day I found him demanding his price

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  33. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 20, 2008 at 8:25 am #

    In civilian society Army is still considered as one in which men with higer intelligence are not required. This feeling is there even inlearned official circles. Years ago I had to go see the Inspector General of police sa my Colonel had some personal work to be done. I went to his office an sent my card and He was kind enough to call me immediately. After I was seated, he enquired about my welfare and said, You are so highly qualified more than the Chief engineer of the State. Why are wasting time in uniform?” I took it lightly and smiled and told him that I liked it. Why I quoted the incident is the truth that others harbor about soldiers and officers.In fact army duties are stereo typed and every thing is et and laid down. One has to just follow. No questions to be asked. During training at the academy too this was very much grilled in. While undergoing a lesson on pistol I asked the teacher ( NCO) Why I should load only 20 rounds in magazine while capacity is more than this. He shouted. No questions. Go now and front roll till I say stop. This was a regular affair if not to me to some one else. Most of the reaserch organizations are stafed by Civilan officers and probably army guys do work as Project co ordinators. There is no rea research. Either we copby and do some modifications on existing designs and claim as research. There is no real talent to do some resaerch.We rediscover and produce some thing that is defective and already outdated and in Europe mostly lying in scarp yards.
    Dr K Prabhakar rao

  34. EIDELON March 20, 2008 at 11:53 am #

    Dr Rao,

    I think you are speaking about the Army in which you served but I think now all the three services have some very intelligent people and they are required there.
    If one starts explaining all the orders there would be a crisis. If not all, most of the instructions and orders have lots of good reasoning behind them. As is said in USAF, the orders and SOPs are written in blood and if one starts explaining every reason behind every order and SOP then one cannot win wars. Hence to condition the warfighters it is essential to imbibe the essential quality of ‘obedience’. There are people there in the higher echelons who have a macro view of things and they issue these orders after reasoning out most of the contingencies thoroughly. There will be some errors but it is better to be safe than sorry and hence some of the orders seem to be incorrect to some of the people at some times with the available inputs.
    But I disgree with you that we dont require intelligent guys in the Armed Forces.

  35. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 20, 2008 at 7:47 pm #


    Looking back at bye gone years
    Served the army with lot of tears
    Youthful age that slipped away
    With hair on head going dry
    Pushed around the places
    Without any mental solace
    Served with funny guy
    Put on fire for fry
    Age-old degrees forgotten
    While my brain went rotten
    Saw the perils of war
    With family being very far
    Made many times scape goat
    Unable to cross deep moat
    Whimsical harassed to despair
    Soul got damaged beyond repair
    Traveled around in rickety vehicles
    As bosses enjoyed comforts of coupes
    Yet I did the post graduation
    But career got into retardation
    Had to serve with cranks fond of meat and neat rum
    Who filled the belly that was like a drum
    Willy and senile the guy was found
    Dirty tricks of him had no bounds
    Annual reports that were kept secret
    Made the boss behave as an awkward egret
    Damage done was never known
    Reports were written by the idiotic clowns
    Bitter were the memories the service gave
    As the body longed for an early grave
    Colorful years of life were ruined by the service
    Whimsical guys playing dirty as mice
    Army in India is rated as the last resort
    The youngsters reject retreat and retort
    Third-rate stuff gets into the door
    Values in army have gone down poor
    Wives of seniors now attend a dinner night
    Having taken the values very light
    You and I are made scapegoats
    While liquor is gulped at ceremonial toast
    The guys in Tehelka swindled the nation in sales
    However when caught they appear very pale
    Tehelka has revealed the mischief at the top
    Making money in India however would never stop

  36. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 20, 2008 at 7:51 pm #


    High up in the snowy mountains
    Where winds blow at sizzling speed
    Water gushes at creeks in mountains
    Yet you can see a piece of weed

    Chilling cold blows and breaks the human spirits
    While lungs gasp for fresh air
    The Indian soldiers toil at the highest summit
    His friends are however a few and rare

    Morning to night they toil in fiery terrain
    While enemy shells break the eerie silence
    Leaders in Delhi are busy with committing scams
    And those at top failed to get useful intelligence

    Poor young soldiers went down as gun fodder
    While the enemy cut them down enmasse
    Wisdom is yet to dawn on our Delhi masters
    And you and I have been fooled by the to brass

    Kargil heroes are dead long time ago
    Fighting for the nation with hands tied down
    Promises made are found in the dusty rack
    While leaders in Delhi are busy saving their crown

    The soldiers have given away their today
    That we could live in honor and peace
    Lessons are yet to be learnt by our bosses
    Their palms are wet with never ending grease

    Indian rangers are butchered at the eastern borders
    In cold blood and most gruesome way
    Indian nation lacked guts to teach enemy a good lesson
    While those in Delhi could not even give a try

    Our eastern borders treat us as impotent
    While their soldiers commit grave crimes
    Indian leaders preach Gandhian principles
    While our soldiers are butchered in their prime

    India has become weak ghostly and pale
    And has lost its martial spirit into thin air
    Years of preaching non violence and Gandhi an thought
    Has made our enemies bold who cut our hair

  37. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 20, 2008 at 8:07 pm #

    Dear Eidelon

    It was good some one replied.Mnay might have theought all crap has been written by an unhappy man. Probably you are also correct to…. some…. extent. Intelligence can be graded averge, above average, High average and excellent. But generally it is noticed that highly intelligent people who are potential researchers and scientists become misfits in uniform as requirements of uniform are different. We need people to take quick decisions and carry on orders with full commitmnet even if you have reservations. This quiality generally lacks with highly intelligent people with scientific leanings.They generally get into clash with some one or other. I agree that Army has greatly transformed during the last twenty years and with introduction of missiles and other advanced equipment of warfare the level of intelligence required is no doubt increased. I agree. But still at the commanding level of troops what is required is average intelligence, ability to carry out orders effectively than carrying out scientific resaerch in uniform which under any case would be disliked by higher ups.The requirements however would be different at every level. Thanks for the comments and patient reading. God bless you

  38. EIDELON March 21, 2008 at 11:44 am #

    Dr Rao

    I think your views are very correct from your perspective and some may feel that these are “Rantings of an Unhappy Man” but one has to have similar experiences as you to feel the depth of your emotions. It is very diificult for many to emphathise with you as your experiences are unique to yourself.

    I beg to disagree with you that ‘only average intelligence is required to Command Troops’. I think one has to have above average intelligence to survive and reach levels where one can Command Troops and thereafter command respect of ones subordinates to lead them on to their ‘Certain Death’. It could be a counter insurgency patrol, commando raid, taking back a post in siachen/kargil or lead a flight of fighters to a heavily defended target or be a surface ship/submarine/naval aviation commander.

    There are exceptions but generally, at least in our armed forces, we have intelligent people. They may not be scientists but all have Above Average to Average Plus intelligence.

  39. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 22, 2008 at 1:49 pm #

    Dear Eidelon,
    Thanks for your comments and probably there was some misuderstanding. When I said higher intelligence in my last comments I was of the view that intellgence capable of scientific research or attitude was not the requirement. All intelligences including avaerage, above average,high avearge should fall into this category and many service officers surely fall into this category. As you said at commanding level There is a reqirement of officers with capabilities higher than average.I agree partially in present circumstances because army has procured weapons of higher capabilities, technicalities, and maintenance, better stuff is required than what we had. Probably you must be of the opinion that There were many experiences unpallatable in the long course of my service. Fortunately I had very few which most of the officers at some time or other have in uniformed services. Whatever has been put across not necessarily relate to personal experiences. but surely seeing around you and keeping eyes and ears open and not sitting in a box and closing the lid. But fact still remains that best stuff from youth are prefering to go to US, England, Australia, Singapore than don uniform and take pride in swinging arms on republic day parades or life knee three feet high and stamp when salute. You shall agree with me that What is required in Army for an officer is no doubt the patriotic fervor and love for uniform and readiness to lead a disciplined life. Such men need not be highly intelligent. Probably if Service Selection Board criteria for one of the selection is taken note of things would be clarified and misconceptions removed.When the selection committee officers vist Engineering colleges for selecting candidates for university entry scheme they do make clarification thatArmy needs people with average intelligence and should be the material to command troops in harsships and must be self confident with inititaive, perservance, and of course good communication skills..Of course some more traits too..So SSB committes do select guys with higher intelligence if they come.In every organization we do find very bright and highly intelligent people unutilized to their full competence.But such men will be limited. Majority of the people fall along the normal distribution curve as described in statistics.MP Anil Kumar on has similarly hinted. But althouh I may not be 100 percent correct in my views as you probably felt( with all liberties to feel so), there is no doubt, a large amount of truth and for a committed servive officer in uniform it is very difficult to accept and digest. As you said the experiences could be individual based and are varied.As you said one may have to go through similar experiences to feel the pinch and appreciate the emotions. I pray to the God that none of the service officers should go through such experiences at lesat 0.1 percent and I pray to God that all youngsters and aged beraing arms for the nation are happy and are assured of growth and happiness and contentmnet. Why only 5 cadets joined IMA against 285. What is preventing the others? Don’t you think things like Tehleka and some more have tarnished the image? Why many Jawans shot themsleves or shot their commandingoffciers. Recent news paper report about the rape allegedly by a Lt Col and two majors in Congo is very distressing. What type of credit such men are bringing to the nation if proved correct.Some time ago in Assam zone women demonstrated naked protesting agsint army deployment. Sic..Even in one such report causes nose dive in the service reputation in civil society. Why offcers could not prevent such situations where a jawan picks up a carbine or SLR and shoots a colonel on the street or some where else. These incidents occurred more frequently of late and there have been news paper reports and study teams were busy on this aspect. , Whatever it is, Army is the top service should be the motto for those who are currently bearing arms for the nation. Intelligence is not the only criterion. Ability to gain confidence of troops I think is at higher priority and should be.By and large studies show that those possess higher intelligence levels are prone to ego,self centeredness, anger, inability to adjust and inability to work in a team. This is where I commented that at commanding level an average intelligence would be enough. What is the use of an highly intelligent officer with other said qulaities who get shot or disobeyed? Ability to lead troops effectively is the criteria. Rest is all bla..bla..No hard feelings. I wish service to grow and be more effective and loved and respected in civil soiciety.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  40. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 22, 2008 at 9:57 pm #


    Dinner nights in army are aimed for discipline
    Where officers of unit join for a while
    They get dressed in special uniform for the night
    And attend the party even if they stay away at a mile

    Silent dinner nights are those where all keep mouths shut
    Sealing the mouths as if by gum or plaster
    They stand at the tables as if they mourn a dead guy
    While the regiment’s master plays the pipe band

    Over the years the standards have withered
    With all and sundry having entered the door
    Traditions have slowly vanished into air
    While the regiments have lost their original spoor

    There was time when ladies did not enter the dining hall
    Now in the mess all are having a nice ball
    Senior ladies also join the dinner nights now
    Claims however they make very tall

    Tradition in army is now falling one by one
    After the Englishmen have left us to thoroughly bungle
    All are busy now to reach top of tower
    While soldiers are killed in Rajastan’s training deserts and jungle

    Traditions are left to satisfy a Mame
    While a guy gets an instant fame
    Speaking truth is bound to draw instant blame
    While all is good in today’s murky and shameful game

    Army over the years could not be indianised
    While they hung on to old traditions and life
    Neither they are fully aping the British life
    And half way however are happy with a Indian wife

    Smiling ladies at dinner nights pose for the snaps
    Which can be seen in Corps journal’s pages
    Hubbies abound in colorful straps around the potbellies
    And proudly pose as if they are holy and pious sages

    Tehelka has blown the myth of the service
    That all are today’s part of nation building
    Traditions have remained in the regimental books
    While all resort to thorough mud slinging

    Some guys in uniform have slept with some whores
    And they gave out certain official favor
    Civilian guys have trapped them with glee
    While the service has lost the original noble flavor.

  41. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 22, 2008 at 10:02 pm #

    Dear administrator
    By mistake the article Dinner nights appeared twice. Kindly delete one
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  42. Prof Dr Colonel ( retired) K Prabhakar Rao March 23, 2008 at 7:41 pm #


    Let not the army journals be that of only Generals
    Where many pages are spent to prop up higher men
    You and I suck thumbs in great despair
    While mighty cruel eagles devour an innocent wren

    Some journals contain mere routine stuff
    While some are similar to past issues
    Paper although is bright and colorful now
    Contents force me in disgust to cut my tender tissues

    Top most guys are given best article awards
    And they laugh to full through photographs to their content
    All and sundry are thrown in to the dust bin
    While poor in India suffer at the roadside shaggy tents

    These journals show best baby show awards on regular basis
    As if the guys in army have no other useful work to do
    The photographs show clapping guys for Generals with grinning mouths
    And with bulging bellies as that of extinct Australian Bird DODO

  43. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 27, 2008 at 10:05 pm #

    Corporate culture has deeply set in Army. Infact always army was west inclined by virtue of our moorings. Communists always form the opposite balltle group apart from fellow Pakistanis. Recently there was a photograph in newspapers. The candidates after the passing out parade at Dehrdun were shown throwing their peak caps into air and shouting and jumping like apes. From where this behavior has set in?Earier after passing out through the Chetwode hall door holding the rifles with gleaning bayonets fixed, the cades used to disperse to join the evening ceremony with kith and kin. It is very tragic to see such photographs. This type of hat throwing culture we do find in US universities and recently at Nalsar University in Hyderabad. Does not speak well as a disciplined force. Hope some sane person at higher up shall take care of such downfall of traditions and accepted conduct.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  44. Dr K Prahakar Rao March 28, 2008 at 7:15 pm #

    Researchers in India are at wild goose chase
    And lost their wits and show blown up face
    The hands of army display worn-out claws
    While those at top commit major flaws

    Common man is made the sucker of the day
    Those at top have already grown bald and gray
    You and I are made great fools
    As many researchers struggle with constipated stools

    Let not the Indian own Arjun battle tank be a sitting duck
    While commanders run out of their luck
    Sixty years of freedom gloriously frittered away
    While leaders in India hold mikes to loudly bray

    Researchers in India rediscover battle tanks
    While scamsters hoard money in foreign banks
    The tanks India researched and produced at Chennai yard
    Are already lying in Europe’s Junk yard

  45. Dr K Prabhakar Rao March 29, 2008 at 6:08 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    There is hardly any scope for any original research in Army particularly in Corps of EME although some top Brass can never accept the criticism. Therefore each and every guy struggles to do some thing to bag an award by this way or that way. They try to make crow out of swan or vice versa. Earlier we used to have Distinguished Service Order (DSO) during British Indian Army and we now have VSM, AVSM and PVSM (Seva medals of merit). In fact services cannot bag gallantry awards (Although there is no bar) and there is hardly any scope even in war as direct clash with enemy is remote and one is literally a camp follower. In Delhi parlor the locals call EME as the Mistry ( Repair man ) of Army. They obviously have dirty hands. The services personnel thus can hope to get some Seva Medals and struggle and rat race takes place to corner these awards. How can one really prove that he has rendered some distinguished service meriting an award? Who will recommend for this award if you are straight forward and not a Yes Master shouting, “yes sir… yes sir.. three bags full…none for me and all for you, dear all for you……” For all favors this is the first criteria in modern world in uniformed services. Gone are the Napoleon. King Arthur, Richard and Alexander days. A difficult thing indeed for a real contributor to get his name through at different levels without pleasing the guys. There will be always some hawks at senior levels who can never appreciate others efforts who turn it down saying, “ it is after all better utilization of scarp . What is so big of it, He is duty bound and it is part of the duty”, they claim with wide and twisted eyes. But when their turn comes they will be the firsy guys to extend their neck and throwing out parties at home.. People have to prove that they contributed in such a way that great amount of money was saved, great amount of human labor was saved, safety has been ensured which probably did not exist, import substitution has been made of significance, performance has been greatly improved, defects have been removed once for all making the war like equipment ready always for war (Although many get condemned without seeing any war)……………….. and similar things to account. Sadly not many chances are there for every one. The easiest thing EME guys keep trying is to modify existing equipment. When new equipment is available and is used, it will have some or other defects at some time or other. When a defect is noticed, the EME guy jumps up and shouts, “thank God here is the chance. I shall make ass out of this”. When new equipment arrives he looks at it and there is a villainous smile on the face. His Odyssey at once starts. He may be at junior level or at senior level. Very senior level guys like Major Generals, Lt Generals, and even Brigadiers hardly come in contact with equipment and thus can hardly contribute in this way. So they gulp the issue and try for some self created higher planning and co- coordinating projects where they struggle to show their merit They will try to prove that they managed to manage their managing positions most effectively. Don’t think this is very confusing. It has to b This is the primary requirement in management science. It is making simple things more difficult and manage to evolve a solution and prove that they have done something very great. All management projects are based on this simple theory. Difficult to digest. Isn’t it? Those at lower levels spend midnight oil struggle to find some defect where they want to assert that they have contributed for service of meritorious order deserving at least a VSM. Now the guys try to put a finger in every silly defect and make a case of merit by modification. In a tiny hole of needle, they make efforts to push through an elephant.

    They don’t mind proving that nozzle valve of a motorcycle is the culprit that causes sudden loss of air from the tire in desert terrain and then claim a citation shouting Eureka. They strain their mind proving that light is required in darkness to show path. Such is the craze. Some remove solid cotter pin and introduce split pin and claim improved reliability. Some apply Araldite to threads of a bolt to prove that it locks better and then claim a citation. I saw a guy using plaster tape for sealing covers instead of gum claiming that he removed environmental pollution. Some use one sided used paper for correspondence and claim saving and send citation. Other few guys use old envelopes for posting new letters showing that they saved money. No end to such tricks. Those days guys were just after making a device for cleaning equipments although ready-made equipments were available. On guy was desperately trying to run a petrol car by sending heated diesel through Carburetor. Sadly the petrol engine of the car was ruined and he finally gave up as he found real state business more lucrative. However spirits of EME guys should be definitely appreciated for making efforts to modify everything even if it is good.. Some body suggested that EME should be redesignated as Corps of Maintenance, modification, Advisory and Recovery Engineers (MMARE). It some how tallies with Maintenance and Advisory Group (MAG) brought in by LtGen SS Apte. Re discovery of things go on unabated in all fields of EME.

    The only field in which EME gentry claims prominence is the field of Reliability, maintainability and Availability that was pioneered by Lt General SS Apte former DGEME. When he was in chair, all the guys were speaking only on this topic. Even a Cat staying in EME battalion or Technical Group Headquarters could mew reliability parameters ( MTTR, MTBF….. ). Once I went to a Colonel’s house on invitation. Suddenly I heard the reliability parameters in sweet tone. I looked around and I found none. I was confused. Suddenly I saw a parrot in the cage looking at me and it shouted, “’Oh fool! do you know MTTR, MTBF… I know it all.. Sweetoo… Cheee Chee… Be careful. June is coming soon..” I felt upset really and wanted to wrench its neck. But the cage had small mesh and was locked. I used to give daily lecture to my wife on care and maintenance of house equipment and after watching for few months she threatened that she would divorce me if I did not stop the nonsense at the house. I quickly retreated. Every one around suddenly became great expert on all the three topics overnight. Scores of papers were written and published in proceedings. Those days many seminars were conducted on RELIBILITY, MAINTAINABILITY AND AVAILABILITY and it formed the corps philosophy. Most of the officers learnt the terminology if not the subject. For many, the subject appeared queer and weibul plots went over the head. Now and then in all meetings, they used the terminology while others queerly, strangely and sadly looked on with tearful look. Some pulled their hair in disgust bald people could not do any thing. . Every one ignored the mathematical analysis of reliability that is complex ( See Dr LS Srinaths Book on Reliability) because the service officers particularly at senior level forgot even simple maths long time ago and became clueless and they became mangers. So the papers only contained all Bla… Bla..Haa….Haa and Hi.. Hi with jugglery of words and long phrases, short forms, confused and conflicting and vague statements, examples, odd looking equations, snake looking symbols, charts, some figures (Copied?), Up and down going curves, and the papers were ready. There will not be any Bibliography and references in the text. They were still called Technical publications. The photograph of the senior guy stretching hands on the podium, bending over mike will always be there along with the paper. Many were bald and few had few traces of hair left here and there on the head. Some will be looking into infinity and some would close eyes. Photographs of lesser souls were forgotten. If something was there it was not visible. It appeared to be some strange Madagascar ape staring at you. But after LtGeneral SS Apte has left, many were probably relieved that they were saved from crazy fever of Reliability, maintainability and availability. Now no one talks on Reliability, maintainability and availability. These words appear strange and alien even. All are happy now. In spite of so many studies Reliability of EME itself remains below 100 percent after years of shouting around about reliability parameters. If something exists, exact figures have not been made public. The craze has just vanished. Get relief indeed? Probably others have also got bored with the same repeating. The subject has reached saturation in fact and does not attract much attention. At M tech level too in IIT ( Indian Institute of Science) there is not much of craze for this subject as very few would be interested. This is of least priority. Some EME guys who do post graduation having lost the board on study leave attempt at this, as other fields are highly mathematics oriented and guys are severely scared. They want M Tech degree with least effort and without maths. The Reliability subject is dying if already has not died. EME is the only organization where maximum data on maintenance is being maintained with some reports and returns. Some clever senior guys take advantage and use the data to carry out some type of pseudo research that can get them a Ph D degree. For senior guys there is no problem. There will be N guys at lower level to compile and collect and collate the data at field and base level to supply the material. A bit of rearranging and some bla… bla… and… chau .. chau here and there, the thesis would be ready. There comes the Ph D from some university on maintenance studies, mostly glorified case studies) without much effort and finally a Photograph of the guy would appear in Corps journal in full block smiling or gazing into unknown. There is a great academic eminence radiating from his face which clappers see invariably although the guy was never seen holding a book seriously and all the time frowning at people. There will be scores of congratulatory messages from everywhere and are published. The journals are generally meant for Generals and it has become a general practice and in general prevailing atmosphere. Then every one forgets till some other guy does it. The achiever also retires soon and no one remembers him. Remember at common man level, Poor others have no time and facilities to compile data. He would have been running from pillar to post finally abandoning. In the end, the guy would have been dubbed as only studious and given 5 in ACR thus putting a seal on him. That is the safest way of fixing a guy in services. In fact getting superseded is a boon now days in army. He will happily get out and start a flourishing career outside instead of hanging around as a colonel and becoming a scrap or dead wood over a period of time and outside dead wood is not accepted although you have higher rank. In army only rank counts and not what is there in the skull. So whatever happens it is for ones good ( See Pragmatic Euphony over net). Be happy. Three cheers.

    The yearly ritual of awarding AVSM and PVSM to the guys would then start. Invariably all Major Generals and Lt Generals will get one of these or both and some time repeated adding bar or pole to the title depending on the clout they wield. Remember a General without the title at the end of the name such as AVSM or PVSM that appears queer, amusing and is rather insulting. A General with title VSM appears inferior and odd man out. However he may not feel, but others feel. So at least AVSM is a must to him to level things, How come the guy became a Major General or Lt General if he has not rendered outstanding service? The very fact that he has become a General overcoming the long obstacle course and snake ladder game is the indication that he deserves the award. After all, he has survived so long in the services. Vishishta Bonnded Labor Medal (VBLM) or Vishistha Fatigue Medal ( VFM) should be introduced. They will be happy that at least their bonded labor has been recognized. So every guy gets one of these awards. Those who call it a day must get VFM or VBLM depending on length of service. The award VSM in tit bits is given to lesser souls below the rank of Major General here and there (Although many deserving get left because they lack some qualities of showing off, managing the award and running after it) to make things appear smooth and sober. Unfortunately rank of Brigadier has some loop holes. In India we don’t call them Brigadier Generals. Although they fall into General officers category they are kept at distance by the Generals and sadly Brigadiers by virtue of ego can not mix up with colonels, majors and captains. They hang in between suspended ( Trishanku) As per mythology Trishanku was promised that he would be bodily sent to heavens by Sage Vishwamithra in yore and accordingly he sent him. But Gods pushed him down. He was falling down and shouted for help, The sage prevented him from falling and created an entire world for him that is killed Trishanku Swargam i.e heavens.. Mostly officer cadre only gets the opportunity to render distinguished service as seen by the records. Sepoys, Havildars and Subedars are left to winds. As some one stated recently commenting at the deaths of three other ranks, “they are after all Personnel below officer Rank ( PBOR)”.

    Three cheers to awards and award winners, award managers, citation writers, Award publishers, award givers, award sanctioners, award refusers, award watchers and the crazy ways to bag them. Others please suck own thumbs after dipping in honey and feel happy and elated. You can not suck others thumbs any way. Any how these awards have no meaning outside army and not even worth a scrap of paper. It is just satisfying ones ego. No hard feelings. All in a game. Everything is fair in love and war. Getting an award is like fighting a war. So all is fair. So enjoy.

  46. EIDELON March 29, 2008 at 7:41 pm #


  47. PS March 29, 2008 at 9:08 pm #

    By EIDELON on Mar 21, 2008

    I think your views are very correct from your perspective and some may feel that these are “Rantings of an Unhappy Man” but one has to have similar experiences as you to feel the depth of your emotions. It is very diificult for many to emphathise with you as your experiences are unique to yourself.

    I beg to disagree with you that ‘only average intelligence is required to Command Troops’. I think one has to have above average intelligence to survive and reach levels where one can Command Troops and thereafter command respect of ones subordinates to lead them on to their ‘Certain Death’. It could be a counter insurgency patrol, commando raid, taking back a post in siachen/kargil or lead a flight of fighters to a heavily defended target or be a surface ship/submarine/naval aviation commander.

    There are exceptions but generally, at least in our armed forces, we have intelligent people. They may not be scientists but all have Above Average to Average Plus intelligence.

    The Eidelons are a pacifist race who inhabited the planet Arnessk 12,000 cycles before the Farscape storyline takes place. They possess a power best described as “the ability to influence peace” and are referred to as Peacemakers in the Peacekeeper Wars.

    Agree with E and Dr Rao. Such is life.

  48. Dr K Prahakar Rao March 30, 2008 at 2:26 pm #

    On the aspect of Martyrs I have something to say.
    In ancient days valiant warriors serving kings were greatly honored. They were seen as the embodiment of valor and bravery.These warriors never thought of retreat infront of enemy and prefered death to dishonor of retreat. In south India one can find at many places memorials erected in honor of brave warriors who gave supreme sacrifice. These are called Veeragallu. The sculpture in usually mounted on a medium sized pillar in which the warrior is seen in the company of two beautiful maidens and they are seated in a flying chariot with wings. This indicates that the warrior reaches Veeraswargam to enjoy the company of beautiful sexy women and other divinely pleasures ( Life ceners around women on earth and in heavens too. It is a fact). He is seen as a Martyr. Thus glorifying the brave soldiers and commanders who die in war for their country was a practice in ancient days too. In modern days too brave soldiers are honored. The times have changed. Brave sodiers in modern days are honored with gallantry awards such as PVC, MVC, Vr C, SM etc. The tragedy is that after giving these awards invariably the families of the fallen soldiers are forgotten and neglected. This is a subject touching Hornets nest and it will not be to liking many top brass. Some time ago there were artciles in some journals describing how the families of the fallen heroes suffer in neglect. Indian army is too large. All fallen soldiers are to be treated as heroes and Martyrs. Some say that only those who sacrifice their lives without resistance for a cause deservd to be called Martyrs. Bhagat Singh, Gury Arjun dev, Guru Tegbahadur. Raja Sambhaji in such case were Martyrs. Others were brave warriors who fell in course of duty fighting. It is a concept and both ways can be argued. What is the use of calling a man Martyr when his family is not cared for? What use is there for yearly rituals that are conducted by blowing last post and service chiefs salute smartly at the Jyoti at India Gate in Delhi if the families are not cared. This is all external show of pomp in the name of tradition. The souls of the fallen would be happy if their families are cared for than by the pompous saluting and much of arm swinging, tucking the baton under the arm with the curved sabre hanging at the belt and chest full of cored ribbons and medals. No one will be impresed except the clappers, sychophants and their wives. Real action of care is required. Dead men are required to be honored in real spirit.

  49. kartik March 30, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    one has to have above average intelligence to survive and reach levels where one can Command Troops and thereafter command respect of ones subordinates to lead them on to their ‘Certain Death’. It could be a counter insurgency patrol, commando raid, taking back a post in siachen/kargil or lead a flight of fighters to a heavily defended target or be a surface ship/submarine/naval aviation commander.


  50. EIDELON March 30, 2008 at 5:27 pm #

    @Dr Rao

    Martyrs. We expect everybody else i.e. the Govt, the Army, the State Govts and almost everybody else including UN and the US President to do something for the ‘Martyrs’ and their families. We have to really ask ourselves ”What have I done for them, earlier or now?” Each one of us can really do something. Sir,Do you know how many such families are there in a radius of 5 km from your house?

    @ Kartik

    Some or rather very few may have got 9 pointers(whatever it means, because for us 3 pointers were ‘Good Landings’and 5 pointer is a pentagram of occult and 6 pointer is the ‘Star of David’)by pouring a drink. I am talking from my knowledge of a particular service.

  51. Dr K Prahakar Rao March 30, 2008 at 9:59 pm #

    Dear Eidelon

    None as I know

  52. EIDELON March 30, 2008 at 10:00 pm #


    I did’nt know about ‘Planet Arnessk’ connection. But this Eidelon is not a ‘Pacifist’. My profession requires utmost aggressive spirit and ability to be a ‘Phantom’ to dodge the myriad forces directed at us.

  53. Dr K Prahakar Rao March 31, 2008 at 7:38 pm #

    Dear Eidelon
    You say you have two of the awards and sure to become a General. I wish best of luck to you and promotions enroute your innings.

  54. Dr K Prahakar Rao March 31, 2008 at 7:50 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Army is famous for regimental traditions. The life at officers mess is peculiar to itself and most of the officers take pride in these traditions, at least outwardly. After spending more than two decades in service and burning the blood, bones and tissues, I called it a day and hung my uniform to a great relief of my remaining life; indeed to say the truth. While in service, I attended many dinner night functions at various officers’ messes. In all these parties there was lot of mixing of seniors and juniors apart from homely atmosphere. In all these parties at the end, the guy usually high up with drinks and being dined out was bodily lifted up in a chair by the fellow officers singing “He is a jolly good fellow… so say all of us”. Then he was dumped out of the gate and he had to tell a dirty joke. Of course, ladies did not join this and stayed away. They had their own.
    I used to wonder why and how this tradition started and what it really meant. In some units special chairs with extended poles were kept in the officers messes to dine out senior officers. I scratched my head severely several times to extract some answer for this vexing question. But to of no avail. I was at loss to loose some of my hair on my head that already has receding hair line. I actually wanted to enquire from senior guys who retired. But I felt small and thought that they would laugh and make joke out of me.
    One day I happened to visit Rajendra Sinhji Institute (RSI) at Secunderabad and there I met a very aged and retired colonel who was gulping chilled beer. I said “Hello” and paid compliments. I introduced my self to him and slowly got into conversation with him. I learnt that he was miles senior to me and retired from an Infantry regiment nearly thirty years ago. He took active part in World WarII in Burma and Middle East. He proudly claimed that he shook hands with Field Marshal Montgomery of allied forces. I really envied him and with great difficulty and greatest humility put forward my doubt about dining out of the guys especially chair’s aspect. The old colonel smiled and patted me affectionately. I never felt so homely in the last fifty years except with my mother. I was of course scared of my dad even when I retired from Army. The old man went on to narrate a story occasionally gulping chilled beer.
    It appears that once up on a time there was a military regiment stationed at MHOW that was the command Head Quarters during the War of 1857.It was responsible to fight Rani of Jhansi during the war. The regiment was commanded by a British Colonel. After a long stint he was posted to another station that was far away. The Colonel was very much upset as he was highly attached to the regiment. More over the regiment had a great history as one that laid seize to the fort at Jhansi in 1857. The regiment was presented colors by Queen Victoria after the war. The guy scuttled all moves for his transfer and finally he had to go. His second in command was to be promoted in his place. Probably the colonel would have taken it easy had some other Colonel was posted there instead of promoting his deputy. Any how he could not do any thing. On the day of handing over the colonel reported sick. But he was brought to the office in an ambulance and stretcher and was made to sign the handing over notes. There was also a talk that Deputy General Officer Commanding (DY GOC) thrust his heavy 0.455 Browning Semi automatic service Pistol at colonel’s temple and made him sign. The senior officer was present in the office to ensure that colonel would not play tricks and everything goes smoothly.
    In the evening the colonel was invited to a dining out party at the officer’s mess where a regimental band was present. The Colonel under great grief attended the dinner. He was morose and did not touch food. Every one completed dinned and were yawning. It was midnight. Ladies were half asleep in the sofas while some were yawning showing all their teeth. At last the officers had to tell the colonel that it was already too late and the function had to be wound up. All the officers had to attend Physical Training parade in the morning. When there was no reaction from the guy and was not getting up from the chair, the officers forcibly lifted him up along with the chair. They carried him away shouting, “He was a horrible fellow… So say all of us…” and was dumped at the gate. He was forcibly put in a Austin 14 staff car. The car refused to start in cold winter. It was pushed and started and some officers went with him to his house. The entire thing was a big joke and the vexed up officers under influence of liquor abused him in filthiest language once he left the gate. They were greatly relieved.

    The old colonel narrated the story and said that over the years the incident got converted into a tradition of seeing off the outgoing officer at a dining out party in the officer’s mess. At the gate the officer had to tell a filthy joke reminiscent of vulgar abuses showered on the Colonel in the past many years ago. I was very much convinced with the story narrated by the old colonel and felt happy that at last my head was cleared off the doubt that harbored for many years. As it is my head is always full of doubts. I thanked the senior colonel profusely, bowed to him, took his blessing and left the club. I had a very peaceful sleep that night and in the dream I found myself gaily shouting, “He is a jolly god fellow….” I woke up with a jerk when my wife gave me a jolt. She was yelling it was high time I should stop dreaming and shouting while asleep. She was cursing herself for marrying me. Three cheers to chair lifters, slogan shouters, and the cranky traditions…

  55. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 3, 2008 at 4:45 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    The competition of best couple of the evening is widely conducted in various star clubs and hotels. Socializing has become very common now days in private clubs and Hotels. As usual, Army has it’s own ways. Army has closed officers mess system and at major stations station clubs are present that cater for Army requirements. Membership is limited naturally to service guys only for officer’s cadre. Defense services officers club, Rajender Sinhji Institute, are some of the examples. Various functions are held on New Year’s Day, Corps day, seeing off the very senior guys as Station commanders and Generals. Lesser souls have no place. Lot of dance, singing, shouting and merry making and good food and liquor are the features in these bonanzas. Some time fancy dress competitions are held for variety. Officers come dressed in various dresses. Some come as villains, dacoits, Netas (Leaders), Swamis, Gurus, Vivekanada, Krishna, Phantom and spiderman. It is interesting to watch these dresses. It is fun. There is one common theme. That is every one tries to attract attention of the Chief Guest who is invariably the General officer Commanding. They hang around him. Ladies also add glitter to these shows with their attires and smiles too. They giggle and twine around. Uniformed waiters go around with plates of snacks.. Pork pieces, fried meat, kabab are much liked. There was a time when fried Kajoo was in plenty during functions. Now it is literally missing. It is replaced by Mung Phally ( Ground nuts fried) the poor mans Kaju and country version. Plenty of Alu ( Potato) chips would be there. Any how these will not be touched much by many. During good old days barbecue was very common. A boar or a well fed skinned goat or lamb used to be roasted in a corner and officers with drink glasses would surround it. With a razor sharp knife, pieces of salted meat would be sliced off and offered to officers in plates. Gulping drinks in between and swallowing the meat was the order of the day. People felt like Tarzans although they could jump hardly 9 feet ditch with pot bellies. However the tribal instinct came out of officers while slicing the meat and gulping in hurry down the parched throats.

    Lot of changes now. One hardly finds such scenes. In One of the esteemed mess in Secunderabad, Mung Phally and chips are suspended in pans at few places and officers pick up. These are for all and sundry. Some hang around. There will be other variety snacks in limited quantity circulated to the top brass. Some of them were waylaid by juniors on the way. It is a game now days to corner special snacks. One must know tricks of the trade. In the parties usual solo singing would be there. Some guys would render some Ghazal or song and all will clap in appreciation. Why not? One must surely appreciate even small effort by any one. If June is approaching, the senior guys make special efforts to draw attention of the GOC or Commandant. All of a sudden, some senior guys also try to sing to draw attention. In one of the stations a top General visited station and there was a ladies night. Ghazal programme was also planned. Suddenly I found Dy GOC also squatting with other guys. They were dressed for the occasion with white kurta , pajama and a drape and were imitating Pankaj Udas in attire. The Ghazal started. Nothing could be heard in the blare of the Harmonium. It was a single tone Harmonium and was loud and a bit out of tune too. Dy GOC moved the lips and I doubt he really sang some thing. Only harmonium blare could be heard. Poor Pankaj Udas must have really felt Udas (Dejected). The poor GOC might have got vexed up. He was desperately moving left and right in his seat and out of modesty did not move out. He appeared to be a nice guy. Such guys are very few now a day. All types of tricks are played to draw attention. In one of my unit many years ago my neighbor was a major. He knew that June was approaching and a party was to be held for the visiting General from the Head Quarters. This guy started practicing the song with a tablawala ( One playing Tabla) and Harmonist day and night. It was difficult for us to sleep. Finally the guy sang a song in the party after a months practice. It was a song of famous Hemant dada ( Hamne to jab kaliyan maangi to kaanto ka haar milaa….). It was sung in the style partly of Surendra and of CH Atma the great singers of yester years. There was no trace of Heman Kumar. CH Atma must have turned in his grave. Saigal must have wept with hiccups singing Jab Dil hi toot Gaya……. Surendra surely would have ( Surendra was still alive at that time) fumed and fretted and have cursed this guy for ruining his reputation. Such were the tricks of the trade. Aim is to come into limelight at all costs. This is more intense when June approaches as it is the time of ACR (Annual Confidential Reports). Only hard work and sincerity does not pay dividends. People should know the tricks of the trade and survival tricks to corner good ACR.
    Finally at the end, the announcement is made about the best couple of the evening. Invariably the Chief Guest and his wife would be the best couple. They are the smartest and most beautiful too. Obviously it has to be so. This is a routine affair in almost all parties. But I remember in one of the parties the Chief Guest was upset when he heard that he and his wife were declared best couple of the evening. He walked out of the party in a huff. There was a great commotion. The commanding officer did not know what to do. He ran from pillar to post to get the chief Guest cooled down. There are some guys like that too. But very rare to find. Many usually fall in the usual line. All goes in good spirit and game. The news about the chief guest spread like wild fire and other units around became alert and ensured that such things did not repeat. Such memories live for short period and soon the guys will be back at the old game. God bless them in their tricks. After all, promotions do matter in Army, Infact very much matter. Your own course mates avoid you if you have missed the boat. You are out of the circle. The world in Army is very cruel. It is a rat race. The fastest rat will win the game. Others will get drowned or consumed by the cats or weasels.

  56. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 3, 2008 at 9:15 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Other day I strolled out in the late evening hours and reached an old Hanuman ( Monkey God) temple at the outskirts. It was falling sunlight. I saw no one at the temple and Pujari, the temple priest also was not there. A huge Bronze bell was suspended in front of the door of the temple hall and I sat on the footsteps and looked around. Few monkeys were loitering around and some youngster monkeys were playing. Some young monkeys were running up and down the pillars. Slowly I slipped into sleep and soon I found myself floating in a craft among clouds. The craft was a flying saucer and it flew for long time and finally landed at an unknown place. I slowly got down the craft and soon found myself surrounded by some creatures and I was over powered. I had a close look at them. They were of medium height, well built and of good proportion. They were in strange uniform and were carrying small arms with barrels having tiny holes. Probably they were laser guns. I realized they resembled apes and talked among themselves in strange language. I could not make out a single word. Some of them roughed me up too. I told them that I was a major of Indian army and was commanding a unit in field area under criteria posting. I told them that I was a commissioned officer from IMA , Dehradun and hold president of India’s commission. I also took out my Identity card. But they were in no mood to listen. I saw all of them having tails nearly 5 feet long and all were fitted with cloth piping. The leader of the gang had three stripes on the tail and also on the arm. I thought he was the sergeant. They dragged me to a nearby building and made to stand in front of a room. My hands were tied. Seven guys were guarding me with cocked weapons. I was least worried as I already pledged my life to Indian army the moment I was commissioned at IMA. My father signed documents long ago while in IMA that he would not claim any compensation if I died during training itself. You know, army plays very safe with civilians. There is nothing to loose further now. I thought that they would summarily shoot me down after few minutes.
    After few minutes waiting, I was called into the room. There I saw an officer, probably a captain in rank sitting in a chair. He was also an ape looking creature. The sergent spoke something and I presented my Identity card to the officer. He saw it and at once got up from the chair and smartly saluted and requested me to sit in the chair. I told him everything. He flew into rage and at once ordered that the guys who misbehaved with me must be flogged hundred times then and there. Orders were mercilessly carried out. I felt sorry for them and requested that they be excused and after twenty lashings it was stopped. By that time they already lost sufficient air and skin to. Some fainted.
    The captain soon ordered a hot cup of milk and few nuts and Kajoo and bananas. The officer profusely requested me for forgiving his men and their brute behaviour. Slowly he cooled down and we spoke about many things. In the meantime, one officer came and sat next to me. Soon he was in conversation. He came from a near- by Artillery Brigade Headquarters. He brought a message that his commander wanted a brass flagpole made of solid brass for his Staff vehicle. There were no cars in that land.All of them had flying saucers. Secondly, he wanted a brass piping to be made for the tail of Brigade commander. The piping was not to be made of cheap shim sheet but was to be made from a flexible brass piping of good thickness. At the end of the pipe, a rotating red light was to be fixed with battery back up. I just controlled my laughter. The officer then handed over me a pamphlet on care, conduct and maintenance of tails in the army of Monkey land. I just glanced through the pamphlet. There were interesting instructions. The lay out of the pamphlet was some thing like ours. There were detailed instructions about the methods for tail positions in the pamphlet with sketches too. During parades, the tail has to stand upright in S shape and had to be stiff and should not sway. Even while presenting arms, the tail had to be stiff and erect. In parties, the tail could be left loose and dangling. While receiving moral lectures and getting bullied, the tail had to be tucked in between the legs as curs do when frightened. At railway stations and seeing off friends and others the tail had to be resting on left hand taken from the front across the belt while right hand can be used for waving. Such were the interesting instructions. Uniforms had cloth piping stitched in which tail had to be inserted. Some time senior officers could use zip type enclosures for tails. Colonels and above had red colored covers for the tails while others had normal cloth covers used for shirts and pants. Vice Chief of army Staff of Monkey land signed these instructions. The officer told me that the Army was commanded by Hanuman and he was the dictator of Monkey land. There was no democracy and every thing worked smooth in that land. I felt very happy with their governing. The officer presented a memento to me and escorted me to the craft that soared high into the sky. The craft glided slowly in clouds and I suddenly opened my eyes. A monkey was sitting nearby and was scratching my arm. I realized that I felt asleep and it was already dark. I heard earlier that a leopard was prowling in that area and I was not carrying my pistol and I rushed back quickly to my room thinking about Monkey land and its army. In many procedures we were similar probably except with respect to tail. Three cheers to monkey land army I shouted in sleep. Next day I narrated my dream to my friends in brigade Head Quarters and there was no end to laughter. Some probably informed the brigade commander too silently and I saw him with grim face next time I saw him. After few days he was as usual jovial. Some advised that I must dream less. Probably they were true.

  57. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 3, 2008 at 9:19 pm #

    The above article was written nearly 26 years ago and nothing has changed much.. infact went further down

  58. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 4, 2008 at 6:14 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    The other day I was driving along with a friend on a cantonment road. Away from the congested city and honking horns and crawling cars I was feeling much relieved on the peaceful smooth deserted roads of cantonment. What a relief indeed. But thee are also disappearing fast with civilian encroachments in cantonments. In fact roads in Hyderabad have become death traps and places for circus feats. We find a youngster lifting off the front wheel of his motor bike and speeding across the road. Some whiz past that too from left side. At times two motorbikes overtake you on both sides. The only place where they cannot overtake you is underneath your car or over your head. Probably a day is not far off when the guy overtakes you over your roof. Let me comeback. Suddenly my friend shouted, “Hey look there”. I saw and found some army jawans (soldiers) in PT kit cutting grass. They were putting on khaki half pant with a white vest and swinging the usual grass-cutting implement called Talwar in Army language. The movement was in rhythm. In fact army does everything in rhythm, let it be PT , drill, sports display, Bara Khana, Durbar or a temple function or corps day. My friend asked, “ I find these guys doing this all the time. Don’t they have any other work? Is grass cutting a main job in army? This is something strange. So many people and so much public money is being wasted, It is high time there must be a corps of grass cutters”. Let me be fair. It struck me deep in my heart. After all I wore uniform for decades.I started recollecting the old days. Things flashed across like a cinema reel.
    Actually Talwar means Sword. These are not swords, but thin steel strips nearly one inch wide and one or two mm thick, about three feet long with one end bent for three inches and edge sharpened, while at the other end a metal or wooden handle is fixed. The jawan holds the handle and swings the talwar over the grown grass and in the process grass is cut. The jawans are usually employed to maintain their unit clean and free from wild growth of grass. But there are many areas that are common to all such as Head quarters, club areas, swimming pools and many places and roadsides. Jawans from various units are drawn and pooled to cut grass as one of the duty. Grass cutting parties are thus detailed under one Havildar (sergeant) who supervises the operation. For civilians this appears simply amusing. Station grass cutting committees are also formed. In certain areas of the country, grass cutting is a major task to keep areas clean and tidy. No extra labor can be employed. It is house keeping for every one. When I analyze I found that the act of grass cutting with talwar closely resembles the golf game act. The golfer also swings the golf stick in similar manner and strikes the ball. The grass cutter also swings in similar way, however with lesser speed and the motion is similar. I realized the grass cutters could easily develop into good golfers with some good training. Those days we had to send a golf team to take part in a competition at Head Quarters. My Commanding officer asked me to assemble one. How could we do it? This is not like football or volleyball that could be reasonably done without much effort. This was entirely different. When the idea struck me I put into practice. I knew the game of Golf. I caught hold of some good grass cutters with some better I Q and took training classes and gave them fundamentals of the game, rules and regulations. I gave them my kit that was lying unused. I just carried out training for a week and there came out the heroes of Golf. Every one became a good golfer. Hell broke loose when we won the tournament of Golf. CO had no clue about my action. He was very happy and was very sure that he would make to the rank of Colonel. Whole night he was dreaming of collar red tabs and red band around his peak cap. I was only a major at that time. There is nothing much to fee and dream for me. I was happy that I could be some use to my CO in a crisis. Lesson learnt is no trade is useless. Every act has some benefit. Grass cutting in army is a good sport in fact. It should be added to the list of Army sports. In future too many national golfers are likely to emerge from this sport if it is truly monitored and encouraged. There is also a need to optimize the design of the talwar keeping the sport in mind not sacrificing the ability to cut grass. After analysis I found the efficiency of grass cutting is dependent on certain parameters. These are, blade size, sharpness, thickness of strip, and momentum of the strip when it hits the standing grass, weight of the talwar, Stiffness of the strip of metal. I thought some wise guy can also obtain a PhD degree by analyzing these parameters, developing equation for grass cutting using the Talwar and optimizing the design. Three cheers to the talwar and grass cutters, PhD doers, PhD guides and golfers through grass cutting.

  59. PS April 4, 2008 at 6:49 pm #

    Keep them busy or they will keep you busy.

  60. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 4, 2008 at 8:04 pm #

    Dear PS
    This leads to another story. Once a guy was bestowed with a boon of having a Jin ( Bhoot) as servent. The Jin came to him and said, ” Sir I am at your disposal. Give me task and I shall do it immediately. There is one condition. That is I should not be kept idle. Or else I shall consume you”. The guy thaought that it would be easy to give the jobs to the jin. Soon he realised the folly. He found extremely difficult to engage the Jin as any given task was completed in no time and the Jin used to ask him , ” What next sir?” The guy was desperate and asked his friend like me what to do and his friend told him some thing. Next day he brought a dog with curved tail. When there was no job for the jin he said, ” dear Mr Jin please straighten the tail of this dog, I shall be happy” The jin could never straighten the tail and thus the combination continued and the guy enjoyed the services of the jin. So army has to be kept engaged . Otherwse idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop. People in uniform have to be kept engaged. What you said is very true. Bye

  61. PS April 4, 2008 at 8:25 pm #

    why bye sir ?
    if you are back in hyd look up the rest of your local friends ?

  62. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 5, 2008 at 7:12 am #

    Dear PS
    I do not mean that I am leaving all of you. I shall continue to share my thoughts with all of you. Bye means for time being only for that particular post. Infact I have tons of material written, many were published and many still lying in files. I shall continue to share my thoughts.I enjoy the site that is really good. All these days army has been treated as holy cow. Of late things are coming out into open to know the facts from various quarters. There has to be transparency. Let us continue to share thoughts.Let me know your address or mail

  63. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 5, 2008 at 5:19 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Conferences are normal in all organizations. But in army they acquire special significance as army claims to be a top class manager ( Althouh by virtue of provisions of uniform most of the works are done promptly). Conferences are usually meant for co- ordination, special briefing and collecting feed back and for discussions across the table. But some times the conferences become a waste of time too (Mostly?). Some senior guys have the habit of calling a conference for every silly thing too. Generally the boss is fond of collecting all his guys in front of him and his ego is satisfied in such way. He is fond of his own voice. It is great self-satisfaction indeed for him. He derives great satisfaction from these tricks of the trade. Way back I was working at a Head Quarters as a one of the principal staff officer to the Commander. This guy introduced every day conference at 0830 hours. All of us used to run to the conference hall and wait for the boss. The drama used to go on for some time. Usually there will not be many points as there will not be many changes within a day. It was obviously to ensure that all are in time at the office. One day, a senior guy reported that Asst Provost Marshal (APM) who was my friend has shot a cat in his house with a 12-bore gun in the morning hours. There was a commotion in the officers quarters with a sudden gun shot sound, he told. The APM (From infantry) was present at the conference. He told he was vexed up with the cat that was regularly drinking milk at his house. He had to ambush the cat one day and shot it. He has finally utilized the training and techniques of conducting an ambush against enemy that he learnt at IMA (Indian Military Academy), Dehradun. Now days, there are no wars and Indian army is having a nice time as percieved by many. The last war was in 1971. Many guys were commissioned after 1971 and also retired without firing a single shot at the enemy. They might have emptied scores of magazines at the dummy targets at the ranges and searched Khokhas ( empty cartridges) all these years practicing for the D-day that never came across them. Kargil and Lankan operations were not wars although they were bitterly fought as believed by newspaper reports. Very few got chance to take part in these activities. In between, the Indian army also went to some islands in Arabian Sea to restore order. It is like elephant trampling an ant. All these are small activities. Probably people are itching to fire. Although yearly rituals of firing at the range are conducted, men and officers are firing at paper targets of World War vintage design. You don’t get thrill of taking life at these practices. So the APM has at last killed that cat and took away an innocent life that too of a harmless animal. What bravery indeed? The General of course said that it was bad that he killed the cat and preached that drinking milk is the right of the cat. The APM should have found other methods to snare or catch the cat and scare it away instead of showing bravery of an infantryman on the blessed cat, he said. Some were worried that its kittens must have become orphans.They shed tears. The General was unhappy and said that officers should not keep their personal weapons with them and deposit in the armory of the unit. The point was finished. It was alreday 1000 hours and we had snacks and tea. The day was wasted. We used to go back and again hold conference in the deaprtmnet with our limited officers and JCOs (Junior commissioned officers) and pass on important points for the day. Now it is lunchtime. After Lunch we used to disperse. Some of us used to go in the evening and see Dak (Incoming letters) and dispose it off. Nice time we had…. For many it was preparation for retirement.
    Once the commander planned a co- coordinating conference of all the local commanders in the entire area of jurisdiction. It was a hectic affair. Dy GOC (Deputy General officer Commanding) held his own conference and mini conferences were held by lesser souls. Minutest points were discussed at minutest conferences. The details were so many and repeated that many were forgotten. All old staff cars were to be repaired and made new. Most of these staff cars already outlived their life and became wrecks and relics and appeared to be old crawling and limping matrons with sagging breasts. The EME guys were busy putting life back into them propping up the breasts. Finally the conference was over and lots of photographs were taken. Most of the snaps were with the top guy and some seniors forcibly appeared to have entered the snaps. In most of the snaps, the guys were acting serious, listening and looking lost, dazed and also looking into infinity. Some were also caught sleeping. Such photos were quickly removed. Lesser souls who belonged to fatigue party doing thankless duties had no place in these snaps. Finally, the albums were made and sent to the boss and were kept in tea room. This is the opportunity for the sychophants to get some attention who leave no stone unturned in praising a particular photograph of the top guy. There is no end to Yes sir.. Yes sir.. Three bags full. But the top guy was very clever, seasoned, and highly mature with a vision. He could read every body through his X ray vision. I have great regards for him. Such souls are very few in Army.I herad most of them have disapperaed from service now. Sadly they retire without reaching very high ranks such as Lt Generals. But the greatest satisfaction remains that I served with such outstanding guy. That is more than sufficient for oneslife. But many seniors fall flat for flattery and for fork and sppon combination.
    While serving in field, the boss was a staff college type and was highly busy with drafts, commas, full stops, side headings, main headings, semi colons, underlinings, capitals, paragraphs, paper size, color of ink, rubber and pencil, blade, scale and sharpener and short forms. He always used to have a big dustbin of size of a 200-liter drum next to him. It used to be always full of scrap papers. He was also crazy of conferences. We used to drive down all the way from remote trecherous hills crossing rivers,streams, escaping land slides, riding over boats, jettys along with jeeps and finally land at Head Quarters. We could watch the villainous smile on his face when all company commanders sat in front of him in the conference. Then the usual bla.. bla..of moral lectures, a bit of counseling, bullying, sarcastic remarks and admonishing. Next day again we had to rush back to our places, as we had to attend the conference of brigade commanders. Thus we shuttled between conferences and noting points in our diaries. We did less of useful work and attended more useless conferences wasting time. In between special conferences were held for corps day, Sudden visits by top guys, guests, inspections, Mandir functions, and annual sports day. There is no end to the list. …. The days are finally over.. I had a great relief when I hung my boots, uniforms and belt and prayed to God that I was saved from these conferences and staff college guys finally.

    Three cheers to the guys holding conferences, attending conferences, planning conferences, conducting conferences, those organizing them and the fatigue parties and many more…Three cheers also for the guys rubbing papers with rubbers all the day drafting small letters and, acknowledgements with pencils and filling the waste paper drums throughout their lives. God bless such souls from wellington.

  64. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 6, 2008 at 8:54 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Other day, I was talking to a friend over phone who served with me in a Battalion probably nearly thirty years ago. After few minutes, I learnt that one of my colleagues a major those days passed away few years ago. I think he reached the rank of only major when he suddenly died. I felt very sad to hear the news. He was a jolly guy going easy and jovial too. This guy was in the Head Quarters as the technical officer preparing various reports and returns and was taking care of the technical cell at the battalion Head Quarters. The commanding officer (CO) was a staff college type from Wellington. This is not Wellington of UK. This is at Nilgiris in South India. Some officers of all services, who are interested, go for a course at Staff College after getting through a stiff competition. Thus, these officers consider themselves as elite group within services and some of them suffer from a misplaced phobia. Such officers have an advantage of getting postings outside the corps in administrative vacancies.
    These officers are expected to be good at drafting as perceived by them. Some are really good. I found them uttering the word Wellington at least once in every conversation to make sure that other guy knows that he is a staff college type. They expect all birds around them sing “When I was in Wellington…Oh Wellington… Oh Wellington”. Some of these guys are just marginal. But there is always big air inflated within them. This guy was a staff college type and claimed to be a gold medalist in essay writing. Now and then he used to remind others about his gold medal. My friend who expired some years ago was a Punjabi (Major X) and slightly weak in English. His drafting was not that really good. He yet made good efforts to put up good drafts struggling day and night. Every time his draft was rejected, torn off and the CO gave him a good shouting making gestures. This was a regular affair and daily drama. Major X was a robust personality nearly six feet tall and with good physique. CO was half of his size and appeared to be David in front of Goliath. Things went on like this. Once in a week Major X used to suffer hyper tension aggravated by the tensions at the office. We could see the declining health in Major X in those days itself. The miserable conditions at the office took a toll on his health, I surely feel even today although his bulk too contributed to it partly.
    I was at far away unit amidst jungles and hills at the borders in treacherous and inhospitable conditions. Once in a while, I used to go to the Battalion Head Quarters in Jeep and see the CO, discuss any problems and seek guidance. Probably we Company commanders received more admonishing than any guidance in those days. I thought it was a set plan to keep us on toes all the time. We were happier in our wretched god forbidden places in field amidst leeches and mosquitoes and all types of creatures than to be near the Head Quarters where there was no peace of any sort for any one. Major X was helpless as he had no place to go except the Head Quarters. He was destined to suffer in silence. Whenever I went to the battalion Major X was very happy as I mixed with every one and the captains were very happy with me as I was jovial and had no air of superiority of rank in me. Once I came down to the Head Quarters on some urgent work and CO was busy writing some thing as usual and I sat in Adjutants room that is next to the CO’s room. There was a small window between CO’s room and the Adjutant’s room. The adjutant was a youngster of rank of 2/Lt fresh from the training school. After some time, I heard a commotion and through window I saw CO kneeling in front of Major X and with raised and spread hands was shouting Kill me.. Kill me.. If you can… please”.
    I just could not make out any thing. I thought it appeared to be a scene from Shakespeare drama. Adjutant was equally perplexed. With in minutes, Major X came out of the room sweating and went to his chamber and dropped down in his chair. CO also went back to his chair with a red face trembling. I had no intention of meeting CO at that moment and thought it wise to be away from him. I went to Major X trying to calm him down and I enquired what was going on. I asked him whether they were practicing a drama for the coming Corps day function. Major X said, “No sir nothing like that. This guy is just after my blood. It is almost a year I am here in this chair. Not a single day I had peace. I am tired. My health is sinking… I shall die soon here”. “But what went wrong now?” I asked. “Sir in the morning I took the report made after struggling for a week and this guy hardly saw it and flung it in my face and I lost control. I said, “Sir! This now too much. Enough of it had all these days. I shall kill you… and go to jail”, he said. “Come on relax!. Don’t be silly” I consoled. I could understand the situation now that I saw in the room of the CO. When the CO heard Major X telling him that he would kill him, He got excited immediately, got up and went to him and kneeling in front of him and spreading hands said, “Kill me … Kill me .. If you can.. Please”. That was the real English Shakespeare drama enacted. After some time, the nerves cooled down. I met the CO next day and pleaded mercy for Major X. The CO probably understood the situation and called Major X and asked him to sit down. He said, Major X! You really want to kill me? Why? Am I that bad”. Major X looking down said “ No sir, It was momentary impulse. I lost cool. How can I think? You are my CO. I am sorry sir”. The whole air eased out. CO called for tea and some snacks. He asked Major X to go on leave for few days and to relax. For change, the CO was nice to me too and asked my welfare and about my men, children and asked me to look after myself and my men well. “Any problem”, he asked I was much relieved and next day drove back to my place in the early hours with a composed mind after several months.
    After a year, I was posted out of the place and the CO was also posted out earlier. We lost contact with each other. The service also came to end after few years once I decided to leave. I learnt about the death of Major X few years ago and I felt sad. Definitely his tenure in that battalion took his life away from him at young age. I prayed that his soul should rest in peace. It is very tragic that career of some is suddenly cut short by some funny guys who unknowingly do great damage to others. Everything goes under the cover of uniform and discipline. That is the tragedy of uniformed services. Many lives go under the carpet.

  65. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 8, 2008 at 10:37 pm #


    It is generally being perceived that Army officers are far superior to the civilian guys. How this could have started? Right from the training Institution, it is grilled in the minds of officers that they are different from the civilians. I do not say that it is being taught that civilians are some sort of villains. But it is going into the minds right from the beginning that Army guys are something different from others. In fact the roles of civil servants and Army officers are entirely different and can not be compared at all. But some type of parity has to be made and protocol has to be established. The trouble is mostly while comparing with IPS and IAS cadres. There is no doubt that IAS and IPS officers enjoy more status in society by virtue of their authority over the society while army officers have none. They are limited to their units, officer messes, clubs and canteens and few Institutions. In civil society, army does not enjoy any authority. This is typical of any democracy. During East India Company rule and subsequent British rule army officers were also posted as Heads of Districts and into some key positions. The Britishers ruled Indians by military authority. It was more or less a military rule. Even Mountbatten who was a serving senior naval officer of British Navy was the Head of the State in India before Partition. He was still in uniform heading a civilian administration. It was a colonial rule. Our present State is entirely different. Army officers can expect to receive similar status and respect when they are given positions in civil administration along with civil officers. But this is not possible in a democracy. This can happen only under military rule. Under such situations automatically army becomes supreme and every one is reduced to second position. We have seen this happening in Pakistan several times. This also would be disliked very greatly as we have witnessed across the border. There is no doubt that IAS officer in normal course without showing any very great efficiency can expect to become a Joint Secretary at much younger age and if some one is bright will go further up soon. In army the officers slog and go through an obstacle course and filtration at every stage and many miss the bus as majors and hang on to be wasted out as time scale Lt cols. Lt Cols who miss the boat are given time scale colonels rank as a gesture and they are happy with that. Let us accept the fact that many bright men become victims of the system prevalent in army and become helpless. The courses done in army are of no use outside. One may have any length of tail such as Psc, Ptsc, Sdmc, Ldmc, OAE, and OAME JC, SO become irrelevant outside. Only University qualifications have some value and the experience is of great relevance. One might have commanded Brigades or Divisions in army, for civilian sector this is no value. They however appreciate your achievement, show some respect and give a cup of tea and then say thank you. Some bluntly say that you do not fit in to the requirement. But when it comes to the aspect of giving you a position in the industry they will soon back out. What they need is a person who can immediately get set and show results. The more one retires senior more useless he becomes outside. If a person misses boat as a major or even as a Lt col he will be accepted outside being of younger age and he still can adjust and prove himself soon provided he is able to wriggle out from the clutches of army that is like a giant squid with long tentacles. Guys who hang out as Colonels after missing the boat or waiting for the time scale would surely become dead and rotten wood outside. They have hardly any useful time left for outside. There may be exceptions. But by and large once army officers get out of service at higher age group they are not accepted in civil sector. IAS officers if they leave early ample jobs are available in corporate sectors. They are considered born managers. With army guys, civilians generally feel that service persons will not be in a position to adjust easily. There are some places as security officers that are low level appointments by any means where service persons are preferred along with retired police officers such as Dy Sp or Inspectors. Once one comes out of service and on the street you are a common man. Your rank does not help in any way. Every one is an ex servicemen. Infact many army officers do not want to reveal their rank once out. What pinches you is here most. An IAS or IPS officer even after coming out of service still has some contacts in the departments and the circle continues. Their works are done promptly. A civilian guy has nothing to do with army except some favor in canteen. But army guys particularly after retirement has to get in contact with civilians every day. After retirement it is also true that you are not much welcome in your own organization. People are worried that you might ask some favor that might put them in inconvenient position. They avoid you. For a year or so after retirement you may have contacts in the station units and you are welcome because there will some guys still working there who worked with you or under you. Once these guys are posted out, you are not recognized in your own corps. You have to introduce and beg for identity. Frustration develops and soon you loose contact with your own people and fade out. Your status is lost permanently and is limited to your faded name plate at the gate and to your drawing room where you display some mementoes and photographs. One of my friends threw out all his mementoes after retirement. He says he is very happy now. Service person has to stand in general queue. Service retired officer has to stand in line for ration card, voters card, ex-serviceman facility for his children’s admission in Engg Colleges, paying electricity bills, water bills, paying vehicle tax, what else and what not. He was away from all these things while in service and in a flick all his jobs were done by the men and his sub ordinates. He starts feeling the loss of status which never existed even earlier outside to a great extent although he lives in imagined paradise.
    In spite of all these things army service is a noble service as one bears arms for the nation and is prepared for supreme sacrifice. It can not be compared to any service. But when question of perks and salaries come, Govt has to maintain some parity with other civil services. Government may do any thing there is no accepted compensation for loss of limb or life. They can never be compensated. Any number of pay commissions may come, situation is not likely to change and unhappiness would continue. One may get something in left hand and taken out from right hand as Tax. Finally equation is unbalanced and unhappiness remains. The best way is to permit the officers to leave with a proper exit policy. But Government is scared that all best lot will get out while time passers will remain. Probably this may not be true. Many are happy to remain and slog it out because the service is safest and one is highly protected. There will not be exodus. Some bright will definitely leave. Why have some who is not interested to serve. The decision has to be bold. When three lions on the cap of Colonels were taken away in 1985 many in hush hush claimed that they would leave. But none left. Many are not sure of themselves and they knew their worth outside. Exit policy is a must in army for healthy growth. Army can not be freed from the comparison with IAS and IPS men and this disparity would continue because you are not making the rules. There are others at right place. It has to be accepted as promotions in army are limited. Imagine all regiments commanded by Brigadiers and companies commanded by Colonels. Brigades would be commanded by major Generals and divisions by Lt Generals. Probably soon this will happen if every one wants to become a brigadier or Major General. Many will also become time scale major Generals. Let them be happy that way. When I joined service all Lt cols used to be dined out at Corps mess in Secunderabad on retirement and Corps silver salver was presented at the function. As years passed the rank were upgraded to Brigadiers and soon it will be for Major Generals. Once the slide down takes place there is no end. It will continue. Like exponential curve after some level the down gradation reaches saturation and there is nothing further to down grade because it has reached the lowest and becomes asymptote. Happiness is maximum at this stage as every one is in same boat.

  66. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 9, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    Dear readers
    I must quote the example that occurred almost 28-29 years ago. At that time there was great dissatisfaction in army about promotions particularly from Major to Lt Col taht is the greatest bottle neck in army. If I remember orrectli in 1980 gen malhotra the army Chief addressed the sattion officers in Basantar stadim at Hyderabad. after a long speech he made it very clear that he has done as much he could do to improve the promotion prospects and if any one comes to him with a request while he is sitting in his chopper on the spot he would sanction his release and that was the bold promise he made. He was prepared to sig the papers giving acceptane without hesitation on the spot. There was pin drop silence. las there was none to put up papers on the spoty. Probaably earth trembled under the feet for most of them. It is not that easy for a person to suddenly leave whatever one has in hand and venture into unknown. Some one said empty vessels make more noise. It is not that esay to settle down outside. One has to prpare himself , mentally educationally and there are other things to look at. There is no doubt that army officers are far superior to most of the counterparts outside, if they can not exceed they are atlesat equal to the best utside. But the type of experience one has gained is of no relevance outside. Army officers claim to be better managers by virtue of training. But managing army is enirely different from a civilian groups. ere in uniform army act is the advantage. Outside ones real worth comes out. There will be always many bright guys in army who are very confident and want to leave and some of them miss the boat too as usual. But they have to wait for three boards and loose finally if they have to finally quit. By that time oppertunities are lost too. This is a vicious circle. Plesea remember. For life convicts the number of years one has to spend in jail is twenty years. Governmnet expects that by that time the guy would have exhausted all his youth and would be a physical and mental wreck who can not do any more daage to society. In Army too Governmnet specifies twenty years to earn pension and leave provided army leaves. So army also expects that in twenty years everything would have sucked out of the officer and hence the rule probabaly. Some may cai senor guys are assets. True to some extent. But unhappy lot is also a burden.But army also wants such people to continue to fill up some places in a routine way.No names as this would offend some.By presecription itself th Govt has decided that after twenty years the guy can be let off and no great loss would be incurred. It is adifferent matter majors face the propmotion board much earlier than that now a days. it is their bad luck if they loose the boat. Some still have some hopes that they could get through review. But an one with some self respect will not try to hang on. But for some become sinevitable. Life is a great adjustment. Only sentimnets will not work. Full family is dependent on him. The decisio has to be bold and well thought. Here lies th eproblem and many suffer silently and fade out and get wasted out again asking for extension of service.

  67. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 11, 2008 at 9:56 pm #

    Please know another incident to highlight where army stands outside.
    It was nearly 29 years ago. I and another captain went to a city zoo in Hyderabad where we wanted to book a guest house to enable to conduct a picnic party for a team of service officers and families. I was a major those days. We drove in our Willys Jeep and went to the zoo office and requested that the premices be reserved for us on a particular day and it was vacant on that day. The care taker asked who we were and once we explained he indifferently said that the guest room is given to officers. I asked him, “which officers?” He said IAS officers and police people probably even Inspectors and sub inspectors. He had no idea about Army and was not in a position to understand even. I thought it was futile and there was no point wasting our time in contacting conservator of forests or some senior officer. It was not worth. It was a good revelation about what outsiders thought about us. It may not be isolated incident and many would be there. As I said, outside, army has no image. In civil world only IAS and IPS are recognised or some state Officers of higher grade. All others are of no use. This is the fact of life. God bless these ignorant souls with some wisdom.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  68. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 12, 2008 at 8:56 pm #

    I must narrate another experience to make the point. In my long career once I was accompanying an Area Commander on a tour as one of the Principal staff officer and we had to pass through various important towns on our way to a distant place and finally to reach a State Capital. We were to pass through a District Head Quarters too and probably we had to halt for some time at the District Head Quarters at the guest House too and information was sent in advance accordingly earlier. We reached the place in time and when we reached the district guest house, there was no trace of district colector.There was no one except a Chowkidar who opened the rooms and offered some water and seats to sit down. There was no trace of any District official .He had some respect for the General wearing sword and Batob on shoulders.If Collector was away on some urgent work there was no trace of his deputy at lesat. That was the welcome for the Area commander. Who is bothred for army in the civil society? While in Uniform none cares for even very senior guys. Then where is the scope for slightly lesser soulds as Colonels and Brigadiers. Others such as Majors and captains are only flies as per them. This in fact is the present State. Although I got away from the uniform nearly two decades ago nothing has changed much. It has become even worst. Although I served army of two decades old, there is no much variation erven now although some guys state that I am speaking of army which I served long ago. We may claim more intelligent guys exist in army now, but ones status has further dwindled. This is a bitter fact. No one expects each and every one to be glorified and given a VIP welcome which of course awaits the silly political leaders everywhere with urchins and street rowdies too taking part in that fanfare. The basic courtesy and maners too have disappeared from civil life towards Army guys. In Andhra Pradesh Capital agitation by the ex serviceen is a regular affair. Some time ago they were lathi charged by the State police. Now the exservice men have demanded house plots at approved lands at citys outskirts. It is feared that the Govt wants to sell the lands to make money. The CM of the state wants the ex servicemen to go to districts. On the other front the State has built houses at Singareni colony for weaker sections that has become a slum and den of anti social elements and the diriest place right in the center of housing colonies.They are the vote banks. For the State, exservicemen are not worth even as slum dwellers. It is a shame that exservicemen are going around with begging bowl in the State capital while the top brass has not cared. The yearly civil army liaison conferences are mere eye wash as proved by the latest incidents. It is also a shame that these ex servicemen are lathi charged by the State police and there was no protest from the top brass. This indicates the things to come in future. Those who are in position in uniform can not turn Nelsons eye to these happenings and it is time these things are taken note of. Any amount of self glorification of services has not changed the situation and Army continues to be degraded in civil life. Who will join the services if situation continues like this. We may thump chest loudly as Tarzans, but fact remains same and stares at you.

  69. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 12, 2008 at 9:40 pm #

    Dear redaers,

    Some time ago I happened to see an old Telugu movie on one of the TV channels in the night. I do not remember the name. In the movie there was a character and he was a retired Subedar Major. He was always in uniform in the house although retired. All the people in the house used to assemble when he blew the whistle and he used to shout “attention”. Then he used to walk acoross the room in long steps saying, “left right left”. Once in a while the whistle was repeated. I could not know what he was trying to do. Probabaly he was the joker and people derived pleasure out of the antics. In another movie, I remember the character and he was the famaily friend of the heroine Hema Malini the dream Girl of even today.This guy ( satyen Kappo) was a retired colonel and was always carrying a pistol in his pocket. He is always dressed in full suit with a bow and a golf cap. Every now and then he used to take out his pistol and blew into its muzzle and put it back in his pocket. He chased Goondas and rowdies on the street with his pistol as if there was no police in the town. In the whole movie he was doing this. What a sad depiction of army characters? Civilan directors had a different perception about army. In most of the movies if there is a retired army colonel or major he will have a twelve bore gun either a single barrel or double barrel and most of the time he would be opening the breach and looking through the bore. He will be in Golf cap and mostly bald too. I feel they make mockery of these retired colonels and majors and derive saddistic pleasure. Of late of course glorification of young army officers like captains and lieutananants has become the rage. Some movies have appeared. In most of the movie, either china or Pakistan is the enemy although not shown openly and that can be understood easily. Lot of song sequences and love affairs too. Some commando actions too are projected to make the hero worth his salt and derive sympathy. I doubt in real life such commando operations are taken up by our army. Ours is more a defensive, play safe army and not a Israeli army where the commandos could kill all the criminals who killed their aethelets of olympics in Germany years ago. We have handed over the criminals in plate in Afghanistan years ago to terrorists who hijacked our plane and took there. But in movies the directors glorify the hero capatian as great commando. It is good to have image build up. But even then youth are not inspired. Any amount of songs, “Waktan ke rah main watan ke nau jawan shaheed ho….”, “Ham laye hai toofan se kishti sambhalke… is desko rakhna mere bachho sambhalke…”, the famous Bhagat Singh song of shaheed, ” “Ye deshki dharti… eee… eee. eee” are not inspiring youth to join IMA. The Chief wants compulsory conscription.The sons of army officers are not joining army to day. How can you motivate others. Can it happen in India? A sad state Indeed.

  70. kartik April 13, 2008 at 11:30 am #

    Any amount of songs, “Waktan ke rah main watan ke nau jawan shaheed ho….”, “Ham laye hai toofan se kishti sambhalke… is desko rakhna mere bachho sambhalke…”, the famous Bhagat Singh song of shaheed, ” “Ye deshki dharti… eee… eee. eee” are not inspiring youth to join IMA. The Chief wants compulsory conscription.The sons of army officers are not joining army to day. How can you motivate others. Can it happen in India? A sad state Indeed

    MORE FOR ARMY officers?
    I feel army is creating unnecessary hype on pay commission report. because the young boys who join army with a second class degree(the SS and Direct entries) in their hand are well aware of the fact that they are going to become only a second class officer (in compare to other class one officers in govt of india)in indian army. The only exception may be the NDA boys .but then the government must advertise all the facts about army through media like 90 percentof you will be thrown out of army at the age of 54 years.before that at the age of 42 years 80 percent of you will be proved that you are that only those chaps join army who are looking forward for SPIRITUAL SATISFACTION and require minimum amount of money.

  71. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 13, 2008 at 9:39 pm #


    Prof Dr Colonel ( retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    All uniformed services want to glorify themselves. The outside society is much misinformed about these services and harbor very high opinions. Image building is a must. After ever war many movies come out. After World War II, many action movies were released such as Pearl harbor, Battle of Bulge, Bridge on the river quoi and many more. The valor of the soldiers was highly glorified. In India too, many action movies were made glorifying army and the heroes. Pictures like Haqueekat, Ham Dono were the movies with army back ground released many years ago. Then came recent action movies where young army officers are glorified by actions and patriotic fervor. Similarly police films are also made with a stubborn and honest police man. Most of them are IPS men or women who single handedly fights all goons and the political leadership in the country. The guy or woman with a 9 mm magazine pistol (browning) kills scores without reloading and never misses the mark. The woman police officer kills all goons and single handedly fights scores of musclemen. Foolish Indians seek pleasures out of this mockery called Indian films. Then some of the film heroines start a political party with the image of a smashing IPS woman officer. In real life things are all different. Most of the police guys are busy in air conditioned offices and never seen outside. Some false image is built up in society although some are efficient. Nothing of that sort what we see in movies happens. In all these police movies political interference is highlighted and finally truth wins and it should be so. Either the police officer gets killed for honor or finally gets awards and promotions too not before getting injured to the point of death. What we do not see in real life is always depicted in movies as wishful thinking and some satisfaction is derived from these illusions and dreams. Army in India received raw deal from the beginning right after gaining independence. Till Chinese army hammered us black and blue, army was considered as a ceremonial army by the Nehru government as Poor Nehru imagined that Chinese and Indians were Bhai Bhai. With Pakistan he had no forward thinking for war. Gandhian non violence and Panch sheel of peaceful co existence put a veil of curtain in front of Nehrus eyes and many sycophants in his government must have advised that Army was a big waste for the country. Army was happy with swinging of hands and stamping feet for saluting at republic day parades and while giving guard of honors to the dignitaries. The Generals were happy if they were given audience by the State Governors when they visited state capitals. It was ceremonial army. Chinese attack opened eyes a bit. But it was too late. The prestige of army received a great jolt. Even today Indians are scared of Chinese army. Recent newspaper reports too spoke same thing. We say, “very good sir” for all Chinese dictums. Reducing army to a second grade profession was a systematic affair and was probably done with a plan. With every passing year the level of army chief was brought down. With it, the all officers were too pushed down the ladder. All Tom Dick and Harry were placed above army chief. It is democracy. This is inevitable and in future too will be pursued with vigor. We must tank our stars because every Police Chief in all States is of the rank of Lt Gen ( Director General of Police) and carry three star plates. One will not be surprised if some government upgrades them to a General Rank. If that happens what can army do? Hope this will not be reality. It is probably only in India that army and civilian equations are being disputed and viciously discussed. No one is bothered in western nations. Army goes busy doing its job and the civilians go about their job. Should we draw not some lessons from the case of Gen Mac Arthur of Korean war fame? It was the civilian supremacy in a democracy ( True democracy). Many posts on the blogs reveal the aspect of risk in army that is not there in civil services. Can we then ask for Risk pay which is similar to service pay. Will army be happy if the risk pay is a fat amount equal to basic pay that should not be taxed. If every thing is taxed army guys will in no way be benefited. It is like giving from left hand and then looting from right hand. The pay commission is a game of numbers. Army will never be given a very great pay hike by any Government as it will make civilians unhappy too. This is a vicious circle. As Kartik in blog said people should join army with an attitude of sacrifice and spiritual inclination. He points out that second rate has already entered the services (SS and DE) and they should jolly well know that it is a second rate service. How about Techies? They are of no consequence as believed by many. They are after all mastries in uniform. They are happy with seminars, modifications and some AVSMs and PVSMs. Any case, they will not command operational divisions. They can be easily neglected. But NDA guys will not keep quite. They are considered cream ( of over boiled milk) of the society at least outwardly. They are the guys rising to the ranks of Generals and command positions. They will be unhappy.. Thus no one can make army happy. Some one said Army has to be kept busy or else they will have time to think. We may have to keep our borders busy and also take part in international commitments. It is better we join NATO that can keep our army fully engaged. This will not be liked by many politicians. Communists will definitely shout at loud pitch against it. They will be against every thing in the world except Marx and Lenin. Real Communism has rather vanished. Gandhian spirit lurks still behind although we have killed Gandhi in cold blood. Although we speak of non violence, our country has practiced more violence than any one. We have fought four major wars. Two of our Prime ministers were killed in cold blood in our own country. Pratap singh Kairon was gunned down. Khalistanis killed scores of intellectuals including saintly Longowal. Father of nation was assassinated. Many MLA and senior political leaders were killed and continue to be killed. Naxalites are killing innocent people and poor police men and officers. Many police officers and men have been killed in various states for no reason.. Peace time army can never command respect. Unless army is engaged in activities none will listen to its voice. As Kartik ( Pragmatic Euphony) said Army must try to practice self sacrifice and be spiritual minded that will reduce its worry over Pay and equivalence. But can Army officers agree for this sermon? So the trouble will continue. . I remember in 1979-80 or some where near by, the army chief was preaching some type of Buddhist sermons of detachment and sacrifice when unhappiness over promotions was high in army. I defined those days Happiness as :

    Happiness = Number of wants satisfied
    ——————————… This is always a fraction
    Total number of wants

    If the denominator is made lesser and lesser, Happiness will increase. Finally if numbers of wants are zero, Happiness is infinity. This is what Lord Buddha taught centuries ago. I only gave mathematical interpretation to Buddha’s thought.I do not know whether Buddha was happy with my mathematical equation. Probably my Boss would have given me surely 5 or 6 in ACR those days as no one was expected to speak and analyze. All are supposed to nod as water buffaloes do. Any how, I was not under criteria appointment and was prepared to nod like a buffalo. I might have escaped the sword.. Army is a burning and boiling cauldron. It will burst out some day even if some one does not like it. Wish those days are far, far and far away.
    Hope all actions will be taken to satisfy an army man which is the last bastion of our country where each and every Institution has fallen down with in- efficiency and mis management. Army is the last Institution of discipline and some efficiency left out. Hope it will not be brought down soon. This also probably is similar to what Lord wavell said long ago when he said:
    “I believe that the stability of the Indian Army may perhaps be the deciding factor in the future of India.”

  72. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 16, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    Dear friends ,
    Some of the writers have written on their Blog that army officers are Meat on Hoof ( MOH) to be fed, housed marginally and then sacrificed. It also amounts to be used as gun fodder. Most of the society outside feels similarly. I must narrate an incident that I experienced way back in 1968. I along with many of my coursemates and others( all young army officers and subalterns) went to see a movie at secunderabad and was about 1000 hrs and we were waiting at a bus stop to catch a bus to cantonment. Those days army youngsters hardly had two wheelers. Many struggled on Bicycles at the campus. Forget cars. Even colonel rarely had one in those days. There were some civil guys also at the bus stand. We were all clad in suits. Seeing us some civilian guy enquired his friend who we were in such large numbers as a group. The other guy promptly replied, ” Ye sab bali ke bakre hain ( these are scarificial goats)”. One of my friend was a boxer and he was standing very close to the civilian guy. My friend could not control his anger and immediately gave a strong punch to the guy and he fel flat on the ground and lost few teeth. They quicly got up and walked off not before my friend gave another fist full after pulling him up. In the meantime a bus pulled in and we climbed the rickety bus and returned to campus. The attitude of civilians towards armed forces officers remains same even after nearly 40 years and it is not surprising. If some one can not see the light we have to feel sorry for him because he is still in the darkness and there is a veil or curtain of ignorance separating him from the real tuth ( Haqeekat ) who feels that all is well every where. It is an Ostrich attitude. God bless them and free them from ignorance.

  73. kartik April 16, 2008 at 6:52 pm #

    Dr Rao


    To keep army busy i have a suggestion

    instead of wasting so much of money on exercises every year should not we go for a full fledged war with pakistan after every 10to 15 years. it will sort many problems of this country as well as only those will survive who are the fittest

  74. Friends April 16, 2008 at 6:54 pm #

    And the illegal boxer was Mumaneni Nageswar Rao ? May his soul RIP. A good man. His kids did not join the Army – in the USA believe ?

  75. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 16, 2008 at 7:14 pm #

    Dear readers,
    I was very much shocked to read a news article in one of the leading dailies from AP that covered a recent incident in Army involving the discipline among officers. A Major from Army Medical Corps who engineered his fake suicide an year ago at Tinsukia and eloped with wife of a Colonel to a town in Maharshtra was arrested by Army authorities after a chase of an year. The guy was tried and court martialled and dismissed from Service. What a sorry state from a doctor? I do not know whether his medical degree was cancelled by the university for his disgraceful conduct. What type of signals such incidents send into civilian society? They see the guys of poor moral code and as degraded humans. Probably outside in civil society too many crimes take place. But society expects different and elevated conduct from Army guys as the symbols of discipline. Some years ago, probably nearly 37 years ago a Medical army Captain, a doctor from the state of AP was arrested by AP Police in Assam sector who killed his wife in AP and cut her to pieces, enclosed in a trunk and threw it out at a lake. The doctor while under trial in AP committed suicide by jumping down from a police building if I remember correctly. There was great uproar in news papers those days. What type of conduct this is by uniformed guys that can not be pardoned? Such inuman and immoral acts have contributed to downgradation of reputation of army officers in civil society. I shall narrate an incident. During my journey after shedding uniform I was working at a District Head quarters in a civil job of respectful and very senior position and I wanted to change my residence. One of my officer who was a profesor shown me a good portion of a house in a good locality and the owners agreed to let it out for me at reasonable rent. I was happy. But the very next day I learnt that they backtracked. I was much surprised and thought that mostly they might have wanted still higher rent. But alas! it was not to be. They went back because I was a former army officer . My friend revealed to me that they were scared and opined that army guys booze and do all bad things. The owner reportedly said, ” After all have unmarried daughters too, How can I give the house to an army guy. That was the state in a civil society and image the society received from the uniformed force. I only laughed off at my professor and some where in my heart it pinched me too as I donned uniform for decades. I thought better luck next time.

  76. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 16, 2008 at 7:48 pm #

    Dear friends,
    Dot on target you have been. Feel sad when I remember him. May his soul RIP. His sons are not surely in army as any wise youngster will do. my son too is settled down in US as engineer. He rarely remembers that I was in uniform years ago. But he remebers the hard days when I used to drop and pick up kids from Central school on scooter and again rush to office. Earlier, sons proudly joined army as family profesion. Those days have disappeared.

  77. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 16, 2008 at 8:08 pm #

    Dear Mr Kartik
    Yours is a good suggestion indeed. But do our people have guts to take up such ventures. After attack on parliament by the terrorsits, Indian armys divisions moved to the borders as a show of force and every one thought that war would be there soon. But heels cooled.Our men probably had no guts to let go the attcak that could have taught Pakistanis a hard lesson. But we backtracked. We require people of Sardar Patels calibre , if not alleast men like Shastri and Madam Indira Gandhi. Such leadership has vanished in Indian land. Those days army was busy with wars after few years. Now nearly 37 years passed after 1971 with army busy with fighting in J and K. I earlier stated that peace time army will not be respected, that too in a land like Inia. Bur wars are also bad because it destabilises economy. War after every 10 to 15 years is an extended proposition and a bit long. 7 years would be reasonable. What do you say?

  78. Vineet April 16, 2008 at 9:12 pm #

    @ Kartik/ Dr Rao

    War is a wishful thinking. The end result will be Loser No 1 & Loser No 2. I can sense that these suggestions are more out of frustration rather than logical thinking.

    Can there be no alternative to war/ war like situation to enhance the image of the Armed Forces?

    The stories of valour/ courage/ sacrifice/ etc has been highlighted ever since independence or maybe even prior to it.

    Unfortunately the same continues even in the third millennium. People have got fed up of listening to them. They have started questioning that all these are part of your deal. These are ‘professional hazards’ and all professions have them in varying degree – some, tougher than Army life.

    Cross the tropic of cancer and move south and you will have sizable number of people who feel that Armed Forces are a burden on the tax payers. There are many who have been expressing resentment over RD parades. They feel that such huge amounts can be put to use for many compelling issues rather than showcasing the Military might.

    It is high time that the Armed Forces have highly technologically trained professional and highly MOTIVATED people in its rank and file. It is high time that the public image of a soldier changes from someone wearing fully loaded combat dress and raring to pull the trigger, etc, etc.

    Project the soldier as a technological savvy professional who is as comfortable with hi-tech gadgets as he is with pulling the trigger. Project the processes (SOPs/ Drills) that can put many a six sigma/ ISO certified companies to shame, project the high quality of HR practices (minus the current policy on slavery, etc) that highlights that Armed Forces not only cares for its employees but also for their family, project that the association of a ‘fauji’ with ‘fauj’ is life long and does not terminate with his retirement, etc, etc.

    Last but not the least have some professional people quit in phases and that too when they desire. They will be brand ambassadors for free.

  79. SESA April 17, 2008 at 12:12 pm #


    Wishful Thinking Indeed!
    An org, though having detailled SOPs even on how to change a lightbulb (Pun intended), works on whims and fancies of Senior Officers and adapts itself to how he percives the bulb is to be changed and changes it accordingly,
    will mature ever ?
    And to the extent as dictated ?
    And in whose lifetime ?
    The times of Dr Rao is a bygone era, at least the Army saw itself as Elite if not by the others.
    Seeing the majority of posts here it seems it is no longer the case.
    The path it appears is all downhill from here.
    Call me apocalyptic if you will.

  80. Vineet April 17, 2008 at 1:37 pm #

    @ SESA

    Agreed it is wishful thinking at the moment. However opinion/ awareness is building up. Blogs/ groups on military matters are harping on the need for change. Middle rung officers are expressing their frustrations & anguish. Media has started taking interest in miliatry matters. ESM are organising some sort of protest march at India Gate on 27 April, etc, etc.

    I am sure that no organisation/ government can take these signs lightly. Change is bound to come. How fast… remains to be seen.

  81. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 17, 2008 at 5:18 pm #

    My friends,
    It is no frustration and there is nothing to feel frustrated. true we belong to some bye gone army of near half century. Army felt elite within itself as stated in a blog although outside no one felt so in those days even.Can it be disputed that Army is to defend the country? Can it be disputed that at times war has to be waged to defend our interests. It could be offensive defence in tactical terminology. Will it not be necessary to take up some operations as pre emptive measures before we are put at disadvantage? Did this not happen in case of Pakistan when they went nuclear right under our nose? India meekly stated that India would not be the first to use the bomb while Pakistan in no un ceratin terms said that they kept nuclear options open. How about Israel that blased off Iraqs nuclera facilities in pre emptive strikes. India could not even think in those thoughts.Because we believed in Ram dhun.The war of 1971 was no doubt a master stroke by Mrs Ganshi although it was against the philosophy of C Rajaji the former Governor General of India who stated that by dividing Pakistan we would be facing two independent Muslim enmies one on each side. Earlier was better because they were fighting each other and within themselves. However it is a history now. War is not wishful thinking. In the major interests of the country it has to be waged and I also wrote that War was also bad because it affects economy of the nation. Both countries will loose some how or other. The looser may loose the land and some prestige. The victor will have set back in economy too. But still wars are fought world wide and have to be waged. It is also stated that down the cancer people feel that Army is a big waste and republic parades are also a waste. I can not agree with such men. Ours is not switzerland which still remained neutral in WW II. Our country can not survive by preaching Buddhist sermons and by showing the other cheek to the enemy. We have been invaded thrice and lessons are not learnt. The feeling of army being a waste is the result of long cool period after 1971 war. Lankan and Kargil operations had not much of stake as they were no major wars. In fact in Lankan operations our army was badly mauled. South India always remained peaceful without external aggression. It is mostly north that took the brunt of the invasions right from the times of Alexander. Therefore A section of Indians from a particular area could feel that Army is a big waste. We have to feel sorry for them. Army is very much needed. It has to be dynamic and not a passive army if it has to command respect in society.The senior guys have to stand on the legs and not buckle under pressure for promotions and after retirement civilian posts. Think of FM Cariappa nad Gen Thimmayya. They belonged to bye gone era. But what prevents the present lot to be upright without bucled knees. It has to set high moral standards. Not like that of Tinsukia AMC Major. He is very much of present army not of bye gone era. The values have no doubt gone down. Change is inevitable and can not be stopped. But how do we improve image of army outside to attract talent. These can be by:

    a. The youngsters aspiring should be told what they can aspire in services.
    b. They should be told the limitations of service and promotion limitations. They should be told how much of them would be condemned at what stage.
    c. Army should not be treated as any other carer for winning the bread
    d. Its glory of bearing arms for the nation should be highlighted
    e. There should be parallel induction into civil services at every stage for the released officers.
    f.The State Governmnets give housing plots in the most posh areas of the cities to build houses for a very cheap and throw away prices. IAS and IPS people are very much beneitted in such a way. Can Defence ministry give such lands to the army officers similarly. I doubt. The army officers struggle to make a house here and there. In fact in AP exservicemen are regularly lathi charged by police.
    g. The percentage of reservation for professional courses in Engg colleges is hardly any thing. I think it is 2 % and is shared by every one who puts the state and central uniform. This is a joke on army. These % should be much increased only for Defense services. More number of Army Medical and Engg Colleges should be opened in each and every state.

    h.In fact army never had good time neither in bye gone era or now. it has degenerated more and more and more frustration has built up now than what we had in bye gone era as stated.
    i. Retired army officers should be given railway passes as railway employees get.
    j. The State control over canteen items should be removed. Liqor in AP canteens has been taxed like hell.
    Army has to justify its existance and answers would be self revealing.Probably the present guys in uniform belonging to aseperate era could give better and convincing solution as they claim to be from higher intelligence group to than what was there in bye gone era.Geting a good solution is more important than what and who belonged to which era and what he did.

  82. SESA April 17, 2008 at 7:15 pm #

    @ Dr Rao

    Army has to justify its existance and answers would be self revealing.Probably the present guys in uniform belonging to aseperate era could give better and convincing solution as they claim to be from higher intelligence group to than what was there in bye gone era.Geting a good solution is more important than what and who belonged to which era and what he did.

    So very true.

  83. Vineet April 17, 2008 at 9:06 pm #

    @ SESA

    They have to…unless????

  84. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 17, 2008 at 9:42 pm #

    Dear friends,
    As you said who will listen to this with concience. True most of the people are indifferent in society and at Top level too. It is some thing like playing a flute in front of a buffalo. It is also like pouring water bucketfull on a buffalo. There will not be any response in both cases. But efforts should continue. Some one at some time shall take note of the dissent. Army is the last bastion of discipline in the country. Unless things are taken into account trouble is lurking around the corner. Eyes and ears have to be kept a open.

  85. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 18, 2008 at 6:42 am #

    Dear readers,
    On the aspect of republic parades annually it is true that colossal amounts of money is spent. However it is grand event and the guys prepare months ahead. It also gives nation the pride of his armed might and there is a chance to see the forces and some of the capabilities as a show. But the real might will be revealed only in war. Even before Chinese war of 1962 these parades were there with much of drill and tanks rumbligs, turrets swinging on the hulls while the guys stiffly salute. The infantry men in colorful dresses and fixed bayonets and urkha jonies with tilted hats paraded smartly. But when chinese struch there was a chaos and they cut as mere grass. here are many stiff fights and Indians paid with the lst round and last man at the pos. These pardes can be cut down and ca be organised after every 5 years if not every year. This also would save money that can be used at other places effectively and to purchase equipment. But all together the parades should not be srapped. These parades are also cultural events where some odd dignitory ( Mostly from third world country arrives as the chief guest. No one invites us ). Our own neighbors all around infact hate us. Professionalism is most important for army and it should be able to win wars and give good accountof itself in all fields. Then only it will command respect everywhere. Let it be wras, sports, general conduct discipline, take any field of human activity army must excel and this is possible only by constant training in real situations, being dynamic, professional and not by just partying and witch hunting at every level.Hope these days will soon dawn.

  86. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 18, 2008 at 8:04 pm #

    Dear friends,
    The republic pardes too would finish off the career of some poor guys. But none knows.Because it is within house. Decades ago I had a good friend and much senior to me and was a Lt col in those days. A much coveted rank. Colonel rank in those days was a pass port for retirement and condemnation. Many became Brigadiers directly from the rank of Lt col atleast in arms.As usual, annual preparations were going on for the R Parade. Day and nights guys worked. Fatigue parties sweated round the clock. EME guys had no sleep preparing the tanks that had to roll down the raj path. Every thing meticulously was done as usual. The day arrived and the the majestic tanks of Indian make rolled down the road with flags flying and with shouting of orders and smart saluting, Turrets swinging and guns dipping. Suddenly some crazy tanks felt unhappy and caught out thick white smoke. They also had the run. But the fate of some one was already decided. My friend who supervised the tanks- preparation missed the boat at MS branch. Brillinat career was nipped mercilessly and the damn tanks were the villains I was told. At last the tanks that never fired a round against enemy tanks have fianlly reached scrap yard in due course unsung.As all humans reach grave yard finally the tanks too reach the scrap yard at the end. Some keep standing at road junctions for beauty. There is some meaning if enemy tanks are displayed as trophies on the roadsides. Own tanks after withdrawl are also displayed and the funniest part is that these were rsponsible for the fall of our own mens careers.God bless such souls who were ambushed midway their careers by these tanks and those guys who penned 4 or 5 for the unfortunates.

  87. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 18, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    Dear friends,
    I must tell and share experience of army and civil equivalence during the long journey. It was way back in 1974 and I was posted to a civil class A establishment on deputaion. When I reached I was provided accomodation and my family was small with wife and a small girl. I was allotted a quarter in a block of four building and every one was a civilian supervisor except me. I was the commissioned military officer from the prestigious IMA dehradun holding Presidents commision and much publisised as the Class One officer same as IAS and IPS. But I was with the civil supervisors in a clumsy colony. But each and every one in that block was a gentleman and were good people. I has no iota of hesitation to stay along withthem and they were all nice gentlemen. Time went on like that and after 10 months I had to leave the organistaion after 10 months to pursue my studies. While I stayed with civilina superivsors in their colony other army officers stayed in a separate enclosed colnywhere only majors and Lt Cols lived along with senior civil officers. They were
    higher souls. I still remeber the note that FM Kariappa wrote after independence wrt a bill to be passed in favor of a 2 / lt that wsa being debated by the civil servent. I remeber he wrote all commissioned officers are officers from the rank of 2/Lt to a General. THEIR STATUS IS SAME WHILE RANK IS DIFFERENT. No more to be discussed. My bosses probably never tried to get me a house in their area along with commissioned officer. I have no regrets as I was happy with the guys who were my neighbors. One of the supervisor I met after decades and he became General manger in a civilan organsation and was very happy to see me after decades. None bothers for army guys in civil society a fact that is not digested by the top brass.

  88. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 19, 2008 at 7:04 pm #


    Dear friend,
    We have seen so much of writing on this blog this way and that way although some could be below the belt too. But truth is that Army must have introspection and put its own house in order before they decide to struggle and crave for higher status and equivalence in civil society and compare themselves with other central cicil services.
    The areas that they must concentrate are:

    1. Jealousy, witch hunting with in the different corps or regiments

    2. Man mangement with respect to men and officers too

    3.High moral standards

    4. Transparency in their dealings

    5.Corruption free conduct in various purchases and dealings

    6. Up rightness and ability to stick to truth in crisis

    7. Espirit de corps

    8.Avoiding self elevation and glory at the cost of others and juniors

    9.Appreciating good work done by others

    10. Not fall a prey to bootlicking and sychophancy

    11.Fairness in judging others particularly while writing ACR

    12. Ability to stand with a spine on matters of organization

    Unless some heart searching is done by every one right from the lowest 2/Lt to the Four star General going around with star plates and rorting lights and fluttering flags on the bonnets of the cars, Army will find itself in further deformed vortex of swirls and eddies and it will not be able to extricate itself from the situation. Generally one that gets in to a viciouis vortex gets drowned even if he is great swimmer.

  89. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 19, 2008 at 7:46 pm #


    To the above list one must also add the following:

    13. High degree of professionalism that is the fundamental requirement.

    14. Ability to change with modernisation

    15. Should be able to other views too

    16.The days of yes sir… Yes Sir…Three bags full are probably over. Men and JCO s too are more educated and well qualified some time more than some officers too. Army can not rub them as they have done earlier. If not all by atleast by many all these years.

    17. Liberalised leave policy than the blind and one track dictorship that has resulted in many self shootings and murders of seniors by men in recent times.

    18. More involvement of Station commanders in the welfare of retired personnel and the requirement of coming down from the ivory towers that are purely temorary in a career.

    19. To overcome the usual mental make up that reired personnel are a burden on the station and make them to run from pillar to post forgetting that the guy doing that also would retire one day and have to stand outside sending his card or chit waiting to see the officer and sitting in a delapilated sofa in a pathetic room.

  90. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 19, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    He is a Horrible fellow… So say all of us

    Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

    Dear Readers,

    On the aspect of Jolly good fellow, I recollect an old incident. In one of the field unit where I was serving decades ago, I attended a dinner night that was organised on the occasion of posting out of the General officer commanding of the division. Every thing went well and the GOC was being lifted out of the mess on a chair. While taking him out, the guys were shouting He is a jolly good fellow…. He is a jolly good fellow…. My friend who was a captian those days was one among the officers who was holding the leg of the chair on which GOC was seated. This young captain was already high up on drinks. He was shouting.. He was a horrible fellow… He was a horrible fellow.. So say all of us… The GOC heard this and knew that right under him a guy was shouting around thus. He got angry and walked off from the party highly annoyed. There was a great silence at the party and slowly all disappeared.

    The day broke and our commanding officer got a call from DY GOC about the nights incident and asked hiim to enquire who was the guy who shouted the slogan. My friend promptly accepted that he was the guy. What CO could do to him? He asked him, “why he shouted like that?” My friend said “just like that.. some fun”. After a couple of days our commanding officer took my friend to the Divisional Head Quarters to be seen by the GOC. There was lot of tension. All were counting seconds when GOC called my friend and the CO accompanied him. On such occasions the officers had to puton full ceremonial dress with cross belt and full medals with peak cap. As my friend stepped in, he saw the burly bull dog loking six foot heavily built goliath type GOC sitting in the chair with grim face. My friend smartly saluted the GOC lifting his knee three feet in IMA style and stood at attention. CO was close to him tense. GOC asked him, ” Are you the guy who shouted He is the horrible fellow… so say all of us..” My friend said ” Yes sir”. ‘Why?”, GOC quipped. “Have I done any thing wrong to you?” “No” said my friend. GOC got up from the chair and came to my friend who was stiff and looking straight. “That is good, very bold and straight. I like that. you were high up on drinks . I think so. Is’nt it?, All in a game.Go. Be happy. I am not that bad” said GOC. The atmosphere suddenly cooled. GOC called for tea and snacks. My friend eased up and apologised for the incident and he and CO saluted smartly this time lifting the knees 4 feet, high for stamping like done in IMA Dehradun at drill square. What were those days.Great EsPirit de corps. … What is there now ?All is there to see for all.All in a pot now?

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  91. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 24, 2008 at 8:05 pm #

    Dear readers,

    you must read this article by Bose on police misbehaving with Army officers. They on false charges locked a Major and a Captain in cell and beat them severly till the CO of Madras regiment went and rescued them at the ploice station after taking armed troops with him. Should army show its force every time to police to ensure their safety? Poor army officers go out in civil dress and might be carrying I card too. but unarmed. Their weapons are always in KOT getting rusty or immersed in a ton of grease an oil and being accounted every one hour too. Where is the precedence? Link it with latest beating of a Colonel saheb by a SI in meerut in UP and showing his “Aukad” as stated by Mr Kartik. Army officers have been much getting worried about the status ouside in civil society which is not there. Police does not respect them, their rank their equivalence and precedence.There are many incidents that can be quoted where army officers were cornered and put in lock ups and beaten even after showing the identity. Their I cards too are thrown away and police have their own dictatorship and the officers are helpless till some one rescues them. Why this happens? Are police guys over enthusisstic, zealous or power drunk? Possibly the thirD. There is no check on them. Invariably SHO in many places is the super soul and the uncrowned king. How do you then ensure that army officers are protected outside in own country along with their wives and children. the only way is to be armed 24 hours
    in prevaling situation. Top Brass is not worried. they have any amount of security, star plates, flags, cars with roof lights and escorts too. Other guys are commoners going on scooters as common man.THEY GET KILLED BY ENEMY AND INSULTED BY OWN COUNTRY MEN. He has no identity. He has no authority in civil. Hence the police people are brutal many times. This has led to serious backlash by army at many places. This i s growing too. Danger lurks around the corner…. The article enclosed shows the real situation in India in a State capital. Better wake up all the guys who sleep in dark and feel that all is fine with in their four walls while they are not safe outside even while in uniform in their own country. This is a real fact and naked truth.


    Kolkata Park Street chaos between Army and Police – there is enough evidence now that Kolkata Police and associated communists be held on charges of conspiracy, bribery and human rights abuse
    Parul Bose
    Jan. 4, 2007

    Recently news media in India held Army personnel responsible for chaos and tussle in Park Street police station in Kolkata. The real story is emerging slowly. The real story behind the Kolkata Park Street chaos between Army and Police – there is enough evidence now that Kolkata Police and associated communists can be held on charges of conspiracy. Kolkata has world’s most corrupt cops (even worse than New Orleans, USA!). But we did not know they are picking up people these days after taking bribe from some one else. They are also peaking up couples to harass them and extort money from them. The corruption story as described here (as we received the same!) will make you wonder if West Bengal under the communists have any law and order!
    An Army Major demanded his meal for a valid coupon he held in hotel in Park Street. The Park hotel management did not like it. They then put him in a taxi and brought him to Park Street cops. Hafta happy cops who have good “relations” with this hotel dutifully locked up the officer – in spite of him informing them of his identity. “No one tells us what we are supposed to do here”, so saying the cops beat up the Major before locking him on false charges of harassing women. This is a clear violation of the law – but the corrupt yet uneducated cops obviously have no clue about the Army Act passed by the Indian Parliament. Soon an Indian Army captain reaches the police station to reason with the officers to free his superior officer. “Don’t tell us what we are supposed to do here” so saying they lock up the Captain as well and for good measure book him for guess what? “Crossing the road at the wrong place”! Wow, that is so cute. Isnt it? Unfortunately for the cops, the Captain had called his Commanding Officer on his cell before he was locked up. The Commanding Officer (CO) of the 3 Madras regiment (Madras regiment is the oldest Regiment in the Indian Army) comes with soldiers of his unit – Soldiers that have fought with and under the leadership of these officers for 5 years in Siachen and Kashmir and have lost some of their men there – witness the badly beaten Major and Captain. The CO, a Lt. Colonel, gets the cop to open the lockup, and as the Major steps out the Jawans see the real extent of the beatings handed to their officer. To make matters worse the cop speaks rough and insults the Major in the presence of his Jawans. The 3 Madras Jawans known to give their life to rescue their own from the enemy, flew into blind rage and all hell broke loose. Their CO, the Lt Colonel restores order and disperses them, and he waits for senior Police Officers to arrive. The cops immediately call the press, and the print and electronic media is full of stories about “Yet another case of gross indiscipline in the Army”. The Prime Minister, Defense Minister and External Affairs minister express their unhappiness at the “indiscipline of the GUILTY Army officers” and call the West Bengal CM to offer full support! The Army refuses to hand over their own people for legitimate reasons. The police chief goes angry but when made to read and understand the letter of the law by the Army authorities, comes around. Now the cops end up looking like fools, because they obviously never went to the scene of the eve teasing to investigate, or even bothered to take the statement of the “victim” (I am sure you dont think it necessary – just so you know the Supreme Court think it necessary and the IPC too) – they simply went by the words of the bouncers of Park Hotel. The cops are now looking desperately for “witnesses”, and not being able to produce any, who do they come up with? The 4 bouncers themselves of course!!! Now they – the bouncers – are claiming that the 4 of them were beaten bad by the Major! So many guess these 4 were the eves that the Major teased. The cops now claim that they of course never knew these were army officers – else they would have followed the law! A couple that was at the police station today gave a statement that it were the police personnel that were misbehaving, roughing up people and locking them up on trumped up charges. They are also petitioning the human right commission for the police excesses they witnessed. Where is PM Manmohan Singh? Where is Manomohan’s communist ally Chief Minister Buddhadev? Quiet…. They are sleeping!

  92. Dr K Prabhakar rao April 27, 2008 at 7:51 pm #

    It is high time the top brass in army pay serious attention to the incidences that are increasing in which service officers are being humiliated by the police officers on some silly pretext and are being man handled. False cases are being framed. This is unpardonable. There appears to be some intentional actions in this direction and these are required to be curbed with very heavy hand by the civil government in all states before things go out of control and it is too late for any reaction. Insulting armed forces personnel is very serious phenomenon in any country and sooner or later there will be repurcussions and serious retalliations from the services. Then it becomes uncontrollable. In all these actions the state government suports the police as policy and principle because it is a state law enforcing agency. If things go on like this the day is not far off when the army officers will move out fully armed to the hilt and escorts fully armed and it will be the saddest day in a democratic society. Have the country men become enemies of forces? Hope wisdom shall prevail in civil society and things are set right or else they would be buying problem themself

  93. sujata April 29, 2008 at 10:53 am #


    The soldier stood and faced his God,
    Which must always come to pass.
    He hoped his shoes were shining,
    Just as brightly as his brass.

    “Step forward now, you soldier,
    How shall I deal with you?
    Have you always turned the other cheek?
    To My Church have you been true?”

    The soldier squared his shoulders and said,
    “No, Lord, I guess I ain’t.
    Because those of us who carry guns,
    Can’t always be a saint.

    I’ve had to work most Sundays,
    And at times my talk was tough.
    And sometimes I’ve been violent,
    Because the world is awfully rough.

    But, I never took a penny,
    That wasn’t mine to keep…
    Though I worked a lot of overtime,
    When the bills got just too steep.

    And I never passed a cry for help,
    Though at times I shook with fear.
    And sometimes, God, forgive me,
    I’ve wept unmanly tears.

    I know I don’t deserve a place,
    Among the people here.
    They never wanted me around,
    Except to calm their fears.

    If you’ve a place for me here, Lord,
    It needn’t be so grand.
    I never expected or had too much,
    But if you don’t, I’ll understand.”

    There was a silence all around the throne,
    Where the saints had often trod.
    As the soldier waited quietly,
    For the judgment of his God.

    “Step forward now, you soldier,
    You’ve borne your burdens well.
    Walk peacefully on Heaven’s streets,
    You’ve done your time in Hell.”

    Author unknown.

  94. sanjay April 29, 2008 at 11:14 am #

    @ col kp rao
    sir i completly agrees with ur comments on army life and it current status.
    i joined army for adventure and life full of action but i was a great fool because army shows these things in advertisements only to lure fools like actuall i had apprached adventure cell army to send me on some available adventure courses they agreed but my boss denied them because he can’t let me go as he requres me in unit for doing ladies meets,organising boring parties (which are more of extended standing confrences)and for sitting idle in office from 6 am to 9 pm (six days) and on sun it is usually a half working day.
    while my civ friends who are working in corporates have gone on more no of adventure trips then me,works for 5 days and have enough money to spent on bal 2 days of the week in other words they work half then me(in terms of hrs)and earn 4 times then me and spent more quality time with their families.
    if these conditions keep on then i don’t think any one would like to join this proffession of army.

  95. Dr K Prabhakar rao April 29, 2008 at 8:28 pm #

    Dear friends,

    Kindly refer to the recent killing of an air force officer by a n advocate some where in North India. It came out in News papaer. Another air force officer wsa gravely injured. The whole thing was due to an altercation while driving vehicles. Poor Air force officers were as usual unarmed and were in cvil dress when the goon attacked with a knife. What a tragedy. A very valuable life was put off. Why this happened. Like army air force guys are always unarmed in civil clothes although they are authorised pistols as a personal arm .They keep getting rusty in Kot.Probably the other guy would not have dared to stab if the air force officer tried to save himself with a pistol. But he was helpless. In civil society most of the goons even if educated carry illegal weapons like knives and pistols particularly in North India where respect for law is much less. Wake up guys. Protect yourselves from your own country men and criminals. Police mostly can not protect you as they themselves are putting you in lock ups.What a shame.There is some meaning in getting killed by enmey in action , but definately not in getting killed by our own police and normal criminals in society.

  96. Dr K Prabhakar rao April 29, 2008 at 10:20 pm #

    @Dear Sanjay

    True. the dynamism is only in advertisement when it says “Do you have in you?’. “Then join army as commisioned officer”. It must also say, ” Then get condemned with in 20 years. Develop BP and Sugar too. There ends the matter. Guys get trapped and slog for years. It is some thing good now where officers are picking up the selection rank of Lt Col at about 14 years. During our time we had to slog and almost at more than twenty years when one is ready for time scale, guys boards were held. Not much spunk is left in him whe he becomes a Lt col at the age of about 45 years. Lot of hair has been lost and develops wrinkles. He is half dead already. Now it is slightly better. Only a shade.
    But what is the use? Cadre review has ruined the value of the rank.

    The guy in the academy is clue less

    And is ignorant what awaits him ahead

    As the years roll on the guy gets rotten

    devoid of thrill in life he earns his daily bread

    Army at the time of recruitment must make it clear that most of them would be condemned by the system and made useless before they turn 40 years. They are not allowed to leave, made to hang on dejected, frustrated and fed up because army is not able to get in more. They need the guys to fill up the posts here and there although condemned. Exit plicy should be clearly specified. If the guys are allowed to leave easily without fuss, many would like to join. The present army exit policy if at all anything is there is counter productive. This policy is very important for atleast capt to Lt Col and Colonels too. Rest will turn dead wood while in service and remain ceremonial. Whether they stay in and or go out no difference it would make. I symapthise with you for the great inconvenience you faced. But life is like that.Be brave.Try and acquire additional educational university qualifications that will help you outside. Army courses and qualifications are like scrap paper. None shall care for them. You may be from staff college or Ptsc and Psc, Ldmc, Sdmac, all these certificates wiuld be put in dust bin. There are scores like you suffering. They shall never tell others to join. Better for them to do some computer degree and go abroad and earn money. here neither you can earn money in a dignified way nor you enjoy the status. At best at week end you can hang around in RSI or DSO club, have some booze and eat pea nuts and alu chips and be happy on your two wheeler. Outside a guy with hardly any years service travels in atleast Hunadai Verna with a driver as soft ware enineer and beats it out at four star and fiver star joint. That is the difference. He works five days and no foolish bossing over by some funny and clueless guy.In army every two years one get trapped under some new whimsical strange and funny guy, many damaging too.Some may be good. Sudenly you get condemned because you have not given him a party at your house before June with chicken and a bottle of foreign liquor.There are ample of experiences behind the curtain. Reality is this. How can it attract fresh talent. God bless such victims. Omen

  97. Dr K Prabhakar Rao April 30, 2008 at 10:31 pm #

    Some guy asked a newly commissioned officer from IMA,
    “Yar why are you trained so much in IMA officers mess to use spoon and Fork and knife on the dining table?” Promtly the reply came,
    ” Yar in years to come, we happly lot of butter to seniors and do great amounts of chamchagiri in the service to earn bread. so we are made proficient in the use of these gadgets”
    The first guy fainted then and there.
    In fact some one suggested a formation sign with spoon and a butter knife crossing each other with back ground of Butter tin. any takers” No hard feelings. Most practical one for most of the units. It can still have regimental insignia on top.All goes in game

    Col ( Retired) DR K Prabhkaar Rao

  98. Dr K Prahakar Rao May 1, 2008 at 6:33 am #

    On uniform some fun too

    Many years ago officers put on Cross belt that was the ceremonial outfit. Basically the cross belt was a support for the main belt across the waiste when Sword is hung at side. Sword was the standard dress item for all officers. In IMA also guys do drill with sword. During on of the drill parades years ago in IMA when I pulled out sword from the scabbord Only hilt came out while the blade remained in scaboord. The drill master was wild and I had to take his wrath. After many years Cross belt was removed from the dress. Officers put on normal dress with main belt and the trouble some belt across the chest was removed. Some were happy and many were grim. A ceremonial symbol was removed while Police retains. The police guys copy army symbols without any shame including flag presentations, star plates bonnet flags . Why army and police ranks should be similar is not clear.In Punjab police used to have a turban. In south constables used put on shorts. Now every guy wants to copy army with fatigues too, Army keeps looking helplessly. Sad day indeed. We have buckled for some ones self glory and retirement oppertunities. In turn the entire set up has sunk.

  99. Un known August 21, 2008 at 11:49 pm #

    We have been hearing so much about reexamination of pay commission in respect of defence services and so much has been written on the blog by various guys , some genuine and some fake too. Till date nothing has come through. There is saying that leave the problem. It would die on its own. The struggle by service officers and their unhappiness over the pay hike given to them has been aired and lot of bla.. bla.. has been heard from Topwallahs. Now the problem appears to have been forgotten. Exservicemen went on some type of demonstrations in new Delhi that was disliked by many. But the cat has been out of the bag. The former faujis are also on the streets now like any other one. In AP state in Hyderabd former Faujis were lathi charged on several occasions when they demonstrated on vertain issues and the governmnet obviously wanted to remind them about what they were really after retirement. The rank has value when one is in service. Even that is not respected by some agencies as seen by police actions aginst some army officers in North who were put behind lock ups till they were resued. Army is going through difficult phase and unable to impress the government. Remember mother is remembered in pain and a soldier in war. Indians are no way better. Thepresent problems will die natural death slowly and army will probably reconcile to its fate. When some thing is inevitable then why can’t they enjoy some one said. There is no way out except boling blood. But many would feel that struggle should continue. In what way. by reciting hymnes from scriptures fruits do not fall down from tree. Unless some stones are thrown at tree or it is thoroughly shaken fruits would not drop down. That is the law. Answers can be drawn by one. Civil organizations are at it to achieve their aims. But army can not do that. It is i uniform and bound by act. So be happy or else get out and government must allow the guys to go out if some one does not want to serve. That risk has to be taken and gone through.

  100. Un known August 28, 2008 at 9:48 pm #

    Dear readers,

    The service officers have to be careful about the reason that they state when they apply for voluntary retirement.

    The most popular reason which many give is the sickness of aged parents and the requirement of looking after them. Some give taking care of property and lands which are are in risk if unattended. If some one states that he is disillusioned with service and there is no growth and no useful purpose would be served by continuing further, the applications would be surely rejected for telling truth. truth is hard to digest and is a naked fact.
    No one wants to accept the truth including the serving snobbish service officers. By accepting such reason, the governmnet or Ministry of Defence would be accepting their own defeat, position and failure and such reasons are not thus accepted. That means governmnet does not want any thing on paper about their failures in promoting the service and making it lucrative as no 1 service. Though they advertise DO YOU HAVE THAT ( SPUNK) IN YOU? they prove after few years that most of them are useless by the time they are about 40 to suffer eternally. They already decide inintially to condemn great percentage by 40 years for none of their fault. It is no doubt competetive in terms of rat race to put things straight. If some one misses board three times , he can always state that he has missed the boat three times and hence he wants to quit. hat will be acepted and governmnet is happy to accept that the officer himself has stated that he could not make to the rank through boards and thus was condemned and the condemnation is accepted by him. Thus govt wants to relieve the officers after they accept their condemantion.So Govt is happy and plays safe.It is self defeating in purpose,theory and in practice and probably immoral too. The reasons for missing the boat could be varied, debatable in most of the cases, determined by circumstances and goofed up by the much controversial draconinan ACR system and whimsical and unceratin guys at top. Difficult to digest indeed. This has ruined scores of bright men in services in past and continues to do so like a bull dozer. In fact service is a bull dozer ready to ruin scores by their forties. The MOD of course flatly denies and states all is well. Redressal itself is debtable and very poor. The guys who reached top positions would not accept the shortcomings because they are in better positions and turn a Nelsons eye to real problems. If the cupboards are opened rotten and stinking skeletons would roll in many thousands. The eye sockets of skulls would stare at the COAS who remains unmoved. Redressal itself is debatable and poor. The same is not true for IAS men. Every one who joins almost makes to joint secretary equivalent to Maj General. Rather army equates Major General to Joint Secretary and not other way. IAS men are not interested to equate with army ranks because they are ruling the land. They are least bothered. It is army that is running after equations and feeling satisfied externally. The joint secretary looks very young with hardly 20 years service while the Major General looks exhausted, mostly blad with weathered look with atleast threee decades of service behind and sagging under sword and baton outwardly twisting his moustache. Of course he and his ego is satisfied with the red star plate and some type of flag on a staff car. The flashing red light on the roof satisfies his ego fully that are not authorised to IAS men mostly.
    In nut shell, the service men wanting to call it a day have to tell real lies to get out before getting condemned after three boards. As Jaswant singh stated he wanted to join politics all can not do. If every one states probably it becomes a joke. Some poor should hang on for the tit bits and the time scale rank of Colonel to atleast to take a photograph ith weathered look and feel satisfied. When he comes out he is rotten and becomes dead wood ( drift wood) forcibly , the legacy of defence services. Better luck in next life is the answer.

  101. Unknown November 1, 2008 at 6:58 am #

    Probably people are tired on this blog. The initial surge, euphoria and boomrangs thrown in have diappeared. Has army reconciled to fate? It could be that the guys in uniform developed cold feet after MOD expressed displeasure at the resistance by Chiefs to implement the pay commission? That is the usual trick paid by MOD and the civilian control over army. At every stage army is tied down by the tag of draconinan out dated colonial army act. One can not fight the guy who is dominating you by virtue of the system through proper channel. Proper channel indiates a dust binin fact.What is left to army is through proper channel. The senior guys themselves have ruined scores of careers of bright officers for the fancy of Pyramid structure and now they have to face same music at some others hand. All has calmed down after developing cold feet to be in nut shell. Probably they feel that it is better to be happy with whtever alms are received than getting screwed at the fag end of service.The guys who can not fight for army’s better prospects better shed uniform than sulking and cutting a sorry foigure. What is there to gain further for the guys.? Probabaly the avialble false pseudo degraded and diluted status, red tabs, staff cars ( Rickety), red lights , star plates, some salutes, Chamchagiri by others within fourwalls of army etc are still luring these guys to hang on after getting clean bowled out. The Indian system is like a flat and dead cricket pitch where ball can not bounce. The bowlers struggle while their deliveries smashed into stands for a six. The efforts of army guys have been smashed into wilderness by the babus and MOD. Then why hang on . Better retire and have a drink in the night and sleep.

  102. Clue less November 6, 2008 at 5:04 pm #

    Has guys in army developed cold feet?
    After eating tons of rations and meat
    Their shouting have gone over the fence
    While rank and file remained in silence

    Are they waiting for the final tit bits?
    Or ready to pack off with their kits
    When a soldier has to fight for his dues in a land
    Know that countrys future would be in deep sand

    Clue less

  103. Bewildered November 6, 2008 at 5:29 pm #

    I don’t know why, but I get a vision of Alec Guiness in the movie, ‘The Bridge on River Kwai’ whenever I see a senior officer for the past few days.

    Can someone elaborate?

  104. Luke mendes November 17, 2008 at 7:59 pm #

    I was wondering if anyone can shed light on one issue.
    The abandonment of injured war vets pertaining their salaries, healthcare and other dues which may have not reached the grieved. Also can anyone help me to clarify that, has the army not given compensation to its jawans or awarded medals for want of something else totally. I would like to know of injured war vets [kargil etc]

    Thanks appreciate if a cc is sent to my mail id.


  105. Subodh Mathur December 15, 2008 at 8:46 am #

    I am writing as the Editor of, where we are capturing a variety of Indian memories. I would love to get the memories of the Indian Armed Forces. I have seen the ‘Most Unforgettable’ contributions in Sainik Samachar, including Dr Prabhar Rao’s contribution – it seems to me that those pieces are just the tip of the iceberg, and I want the iceberg! My email is With regards. Subodh Mathur

  106. Sumit December 20, 2008 at 3:32 am #


    Its a deep rooted babudom and Congress conspiracy to kill many birds with one stone,

    Congress Intrest:

    not only to enhance stature in the eyes of the minority but to belittle the Indian army….which though not openly but covertly has been pro BJP.

    Babubom ( IAS/IPS Lobby)

    We know the outcome of the recent pay commission, how shockingly the stature and presedence vis a vis the IAS/IPS lobby has been reduced. Now the F***ing Beuracrats gleefully arrest a Serving (Decorated) Lieutnent Colonel and parade him like a terrorist.
    There is no evidence whatsoever on these cooked up charges and all it is serving is giving an oppurtunity
    to The Thugs to belittle the Olive Green.

    I am the son of a Major General ( Retired ) and a senior IT professionals I had an experince where I was hauled up by head constable on some cooked up traffic violation charges just beacuase i talked abot senior reference of Serving senior officers. Its seemed the police team there all ganged up on me just to prove a point.

    I see a distinct change in attitude of the police post arrest of Lieutnent Colonel Purohit. And my city is not even in Maharastra.

    “The reverence and Awe of the Olive green seems have vaporised post arrest and hauling of The serving Lt Colonel.




  107. Tolerant December 30, 2008 at 5:51 pm #

    Senior officers would be busy making their career and fortunes. They have no time nor interest as they have reached their dead end. Why risk career in the fag end of the caree? They turn into yes men playing flute and dancing to the tunes of babus. They can not bring any change and can not struggle it out. Look at the present pay commission outcome. The whole

    thing has been brushed under carpet. A bit of threat from A ministry and the chiefs infact developed cold feet. Now every one has fallen in line. What can you expect from such situation? They are helpless too. Why should they spoil their pension and final promotions after such a long obstacle course? The DGP has become senior to Corps commander. Soon DGP would become equal to Army chief. The day is not far off. Better start commissioning with Lt Col and get rid off all lower ranks.. Suck thumbs till guys retire from service. Nothing would move.Sorry bad luck

    The top guys have no clue
    They are stuck to seats with glue
    At ministers call they develop flu
    Their faces turn at once blue


  108. Dr K Prabhakar Rao January 3, 2009 at 6:15 pm #

    All the sufferers

    At last the pay commission is now finally shut
    After setting the services into a state of disgust
    The guys have fumed and cried
    The initial euphoria has finally died

    The tears have been partly wiped with a kerchief
    After committing a great mischief
    The Defence guys are rolled back in status
    As the acts are the outcome of many a Brutus

    Police guys are making now merry
    While defence guys have to eat rotten berry
    Some guys see it as some type of victory
    Although entire thing could be some trickery

    A separate pay commission is planned for defence Force
    Those on top have no remorse
    The present top brass would soon retire
    After putting the guys into a blazing fire

    The guys have to see the real truth with open eye
    And wash off the minds off the color dye
    These guys can never score over the civilian men
    Although they write million pages with a pen

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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